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Song of the Day! Barton Fink – If You Know

If you know Barton Fink then you know they formed in Montreal, Canada

Electro-indie-funk-punk. Yes Barton Fink manages to encompass all these genres and more in their guitar and synth laced tunes. If You Know is an other worldly song with an off kilter beat and a warped array of instruments that do so much more then just grab your attention. Then add in that chorus line that sounds like someone forget to take their foot of the distortion pedal and you have a one of a kind memorable mix. While If You Know is featured on Barton Fink’s recent EP titled simply EP, one can only assume that the band is ready to drop another album since their debut Gear was released back in 2009. It would be really exciting if the band did announce plans for a new album since they are one of the most creative sounds I have heard in quite sometime. For now I’m going to back track and dwelve into the funk rock sounds of Gear and get my Barton Fink on!

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Going on Vacation

It saddens me to say that i’m not going to be posting a new Song of the Day for over a week. I’m going out of town soon to vist friends and family so I’m going to take a break from posting while gone. I hope you’ll pay a vist to The Sifting Pan when I return from my trip. I should be back around the 20th of June so be patient. Maybe you should take advantage of the archives to the right and go hunting for some indie gems on your own. Upon my return I will jump right back to my daily song posting in hopes that someone out there cares for the music post. See you in twelve days or so!

I leave you with a personal favorite of mine from Phantogram’s 2009 album Eyelid Movies.

Phantogram – When I’m Small


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Song of the Day! Hellogoodbye – When We First Met

Hellogoodbye first met in Huntington Beach, CA

Who ever said good indie music had to be new needs to loosen up and shut it. Example? When We First Met of course! The song was released late 2009 on an EP of the same name and then later released on Hellogoodbye’s second LP Would It Kill You?. When We First Met is sheer indie power pop bliss and can easily stand its ground as a track of artistic and instrumental beauty. You may be asking yourself what makes this track so special and why care about it now? The answer to the first question lies within the song itself and a good listen (or three) might help you understand. Now the answer to the second question is that music like this is never dated and I could share this track in 2012 and it should have the same effect as it did the very day it came out in 2009. Good music has no expiration date and it’s sad to see so many great songs and artist get swallowed by the vast and never ending streamline known as time. Someone’s got to remember the good ones, the great finds, the indie gems.

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Song of the Day! Passion Pit – Cuddle Fuddle

Who ever said indie gems had to be new? This is a little treat from the now immensely popular Massachusetts band Passion Pit and it glistens out from the band’s early and unknown days. Cuddle Fuddle is a whimsical fairy tale-esque song with a beat that never ceases from their 2008 EP Chunk of Change, which if you didn’t already know started out as a simple Valentines Day gift for lead singer Michael Angelakos’s love interest at the time. Well what started out as a gift found its way to the internet where the EP circulated and blew up big time, primarily due to the band’s song Sleepyhead. Since that point Passion Pit decided to get serious and got to writing and recording their spectacular debut album Manners, which in my opinion became one of the best albums of 2009. If you had asked me who my favorite band was at anytime between 2008 into early 2010 I would of most likely said Passion Pit, but sadly I’ve been exposed to bigger and better things and they have failed in keeping me interested with their lack of new material. I eagerly await news of the bands follow up album, which was slated for a spring 2011 release, but nothing of the sort exist at this time. It seems with all the hype and popularity the band garnished they have found no need to make new music and instead choose to re-issue Manners as a deluxe edition in 2010 and now sit on a gold mine in record sales. I really hoped early on the band would take the path of music, not profit, but what’s a band supposed to do when everything they’ve made is amazing electropop music that everyone can love and bang it out to. I guess for now I can just listen back to the good old days with some Chunk of Change as I patiently wait for a sophomore album from what used to be my favorite band.

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Song of the Day! Bikinians – Rhinocirrhosis

Bikinians are up and coming from Belgium

So- so- soooo- addicting! Right from the bat that guitar riff hooks me and then it only gets better. Something about this song gets me pumped and forces me to sing along, even though I only understand about half the lyrics. I can only assume Rhinocirrhosis is pronounced like the animal rhinoceros, but who really cares anyways. Bikinians are an up and coming pop-rock band from Belgium. I remember hearing their amazing song How a few months ago and posting it for my friends. At that time Bikinians had under 1,000 listeners and now they are sitting just above 3,000. Hopefully with enough attention these guys will put out real album effort. Rumors have been going around of an album release at the end of the month but my research has shed no light on any such upcoming release. Until then we’ll have to settle for the short but sweet 4 track Rhinocirrhosis EP.