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Song of the Day! Hellogoodbye – When We First Met

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Hellogoodbye first met in Huntington Beach, CA

Who ever said good indie music had to be new needs to loosen up and shut it. Example? When We First Met of course! The song was released late 2009 on an EP of the same name and then later released on Hellogoodbye’s second LP Would It Kill You?. When We First Met is sheer indie power pop bliss and can easily stand its ground as a track of artistic and instrumental beauty. You may be asking yourself what makes this track so special and why care about it now? The answer to the first question lies within the song itself and a good listen (or three) might help you understand. Now the answer to the second question is that music like this is never dated and I could share this track in 2012 and it should have the same effect as it did the very day it came out in 2009. Good music has no expiration date and it’s sad to see so many great songs and artist get swallowed by the vast and never ending streamline known as time. Someone’s got to remember the good ones, the great finds, the indie gems.

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