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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #4 Velociraptor!

Kasabian has done it again with the alternative rock powerhouse of an album; Velociraptor!.

I’ve always been very perplexed with the band Kasabian’s popularity in the states. Here’s a band that simply knows how to play rock n’ roll. Never mind the fact that they’re from Britain, or that they’re landscapers of the alternative scene there, these guys just need to be acknowledged for their creative and talented approach to rocking out. I’m left to assume that the states simply can’t handle the ferocious beast that is Velociraptor!. Their fourth album is a very solid addition to their already amazing discography. Track for track, this might be the most complete album so far. I mean, seriously, these guys crammed so many great tracks into this one album they actually had to put out some amazing b-sides early. This was definitely an album I had no second guesses about ordering online and has seen many spins in my car this year. Kasabain’s other albums may still hold a special place in my heart (Because they’re f***ing awesome), but Velociraptor! is sure as sunrise going to be a CD future me is going to play a lot.

Switchblade Smiles” – Kasabian

Switchblade Smiles is the only song Kasabian is allowing to be shared on Soundcloud. Not that I don’t really enjoy this song I just strongly believe that Velociraptor! has so many stronger tracks to offer. Yet this is still the same signature scatterbrained alternative rock I would so easily associate with the band, and enjoy hearing from them. New comers might not fare as well with this particular track. Feel free to browse the Youtube links below for a greater variety of choices. Might I suggest one of my favorites Let’s Roll Like We Used To as a starting point.

Kasabian - Velociraptor! (click image to buy album)

  1. Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To“* 4:47
  2. Days Are Forgotten“* 5:02
  3. Goodbye Kiss“* 4:04
  4. La Fée Verte“* 5:47
  5. Velociraptor!“* 2:51
  6. Acid Turkish Bath (Shelter From the Storm)” 6:01
  7. I Hear Voices“* 3:58
  8. Re-Wired“* 4:44
  9. Man of Simple Pleasures” 3:51
  10. “Switchblade Smiles”* 4:13
  11. Neon Noon” 5:20
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Kasabian’s Velociraptor! in Spotify

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Song of the Day! Kasabian – Pistols At Dawn

Kasabian - Pistols At Dawn

Kasabian are just about ready to drop their 4th album, Velociraptor! from the UK

The UK alternative rock titans Kasabian are just weeks away from the September 19th release date of their 4th studio album, Velociraptor! and what does the band go and do? They decide now’s a good to time to drop some B-sides that won’t be present on the upcoming album. So yes, the song Pistols At Dawn won’t be present on their new album but that does not change the fact that this song rocks! If Kasabian produced this quality of song and then said, “Meh this isn’t up to par with our new album’s standards.” What could the world possibly be in store for with Velociraptor!? I mean Kasabian is one of the hugest band’s in the world right? (outside the United States at least) So they know whatever they do has got to be better then great. If you want to hear the first taste of Velociraptor! then I suggest you check out the song Switchblade Smiles.

Piecing together Pistols At Dawn and Switchblade Smiles I can take a good assumption that Kasabian are going back to the electro rock roots of their first two albums, but at the same time keeping the amazing sound they had mastered on West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. What I truly want to see happen is Kasabian gain a huge fan base in the states so that they’d be more inclined to come tour here. This might help a bit but I find it ironic for a band that sees little attention in American music and media to be playing a special September 11th Memorial Concert in NYC. It’s kinda like Elton John putting on a show in memory of Pearl Harbor.

Head over to Kasabian’s Facebook page for more news about their upcoming album and tour dates. Also don’t forget to give them a Like!

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Song of the Day! AWOLNATION – Guilty Filthy Soul

AWOLNATION - Guilty Filthy Soul

AWOLNATION thinks you have a Guilty Filthy Soul.

Ok, so I’m sure by now you’ve had your encounter with AWOLNATION’s increasingly popular track Sail, but I’m also sure that the exposure stops there. AWOLNATION is much more then a one hit wonder and is the solo project of talented American Aaron Bruno. AWOLNATION successfully captures a unique style of Alternative rock that makes you want to do a double take. The band’s debut album Megalithic Symphony is full of catchy tracks that are both up and down the spectrum of rock and sanity. This is where we find the wonderful track Guilty Filthy Soul delivered in a sing-yell style similar to Sail, albeit a bit tamer. All the same musical appeal, but in a pill that I think more people can swallow. I’ll admit that i’m not quite all in for AWOLNATION, but the dude writes catchy indie rock that just bleeds passion so I’m helpless not to fall for it. I’m really just looking for something new to get hooked onto so I can stop randomly wanting to shout SAIL!

Sail on over to AWOLNATION’s Facebook page and give them a Like!

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Song of the Day! The Subways – It’s A Party

The Subways always make sure It's A Party in England.

Does anybody remember a [not so] little song from back in 2005 called Rock & Roll Queen? Well the same underground British rockers are back from a long absence of music making. The Subways bring a huge level of excitement with their new single I’ts A Party. The new song delivers some pretty heavy indie rock at you upbeat and fast. I’m also pretty sure the song was written to get a crowd all wrawled up so don’t be alarmed when you find your heart beat elevated to the sound of the music. Hopefully more tunes with the idea of partying in mind come our way when The Subways’ new album comes out this September, with the third LP being titled Money & Celebrity.

Official Music Video for It’s A Party by The Subways. Be prepared for the large crowds and elbows.


Like The Subways on Facebook. These guys are bringing back British Alternative Rock the best way possible.

P.S: I hope to have my own computer back soon with all my music on it. Till then I’ll be limited on my new music and might have to revert back to some classic indie gems for awhile.


Song of the Day! Funeral Party – Finale

Funeral Party bring us The Age of Knowhere from Whittier, California

It’s called dance punk and it’s the very fiber of Funeral Party’s being. It’s also called turning the volume up as loud as possible and letting the beat take you in as you jump up and down to the raw and untamed rock n’ roll these guys dish out so damn well. How can you not feel an overwhelming sense of excitement when you listen to this east coast band cut loose and make music that can simply be described as “a good fucking time.” I challenge you to listen to Finale all the way through and not tap your foot along. You won’t be able to. Nope. Not at all. In fact you actually might start thrashing around the room so make sure to stand in an area free of furniture. Finale isn’t the only tune by Funeral Party that will cause spontaneous rage dancing. Their debut album The Golden Age of Knowhere is full of tracks that will rock you to your core and has to be up there somewhere in the top five list of debut albums this year. One of my favorite tracks of the past couple months has been Funeral Party’s epic anthem New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.. You just gotta love that cowbell opening. All in all Funeral Party is a band I’d be happy to play at any party, even my funeral. I think Finale would be perfect.

Here is the music video for Funeral Party’s Finale. Good times enclosed.

Go like Funeral Party’s Facebook page now! I know you like them so let them know it.