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Song of the Day! Phantogram – Don’t Move

Phantogram - Don't Move

New York based Phantogram have a new treat for us called Don't Move

Ok, so if there ever was a band who’s music could pull me out of a damper it would have to be Phantogram. Wonderful indie trip-hop that just breaks down musical barriers and penetrates into your psyche. Phantogram is responsible for last year’s absolutely amazing album Eye Lid Movies, which holds a special place in my heart as a personal favorite. So of course Phantogram releasing a new EP title Nightlife is going to pull me out of hiding. Well Nightlife isn’t quite out until November 1st, but the band recently put the whole EP up for stream on their Facebook Page to hold everyone over. The first single to come off the new EP is the dance inducing track you should be listening to above, Don’t Move. Phantogram’s choice for a new single gives a great overall feel for what to expect from the 6 new tracks on Nightlife. If the band releases an EP with 6 pretty much flawless tracks I can’t wait for their 2012 album prospects.

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Song of the Day! Metronomy – Corinne

Metronomy - Corinne

England based Metronomy are responsible for this year's stunning album The English Rivera

[Note: This is NOT the real version of Corrine. This a bizarre reversed remix that is a stand-in because the real Corrine is copyright protected and was removed from Soundcloud.]

Ok, so when I last posted about Metoronomy, back in April, I had only just discovered the indie/electronic band through the track the laid back single The Look. After I couldn’t get enough of that track I had to get my hands on a copy of the band’s 2011 album The English Rivera for myself. There is no exaggeration in my words when I say picking up this album was musically one of the smartest things I did this year. The English Rivera is like journey of love and lust lead by a cascade of electronic beats and the smoothest bass playing you’re likely to hear out of an indie album this year. Then there’s the intelligent and beautiful lyrics, the intricate electro loops, and the always dominating soft percussion that just adds this perfect level to each track. I could keep going on and on about why The English Rivera is on of the best albums of 2011, but there is no way to truly convey into words the powerful and some what primordial energy put of from this wonderful third studio album. Listening through track by track never leads to disappointment. Do you know how hard it was to pick Corinne as my stand out track? Well, actually it wasn’t that hard because Corinne is an amazing song after all. I can’t help but to sway slightly back and forth faster and faster every time I full get into this song. Yeah, I’d say the majority of Metronomoy’s songs have the power of possession, which is a scary thought, but sometimes you just have to surrender and give yourself up to the music. If you too want to chill out and lose some inhibitions then I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of The English Rivera.

Please head on over to Metronomy’s Facebook Page and give them a Like! There is tons of great info about  The English Rivera on the page as well.

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Song of the Day! Films of Colour – Capital

Films of Colour - Capital

London based Films of Colour will surely make some Capital off a tune as good as this.

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by this track. The song Capital is like falling down an indie rock Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole with its intense and overwhelming mixture of synth and guitar. Just has you feel like this track is throwing you about carelessly the amazing vocals of lead singer Andy Clutterbuck come in to level everything out. I’ll say it again, Wow. Just simply amazing delivery of the lyrics, almost sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I don’t know why but I feel so much more connected with this song with each successive listen. I really wish Films of Colour had an album I could pick up, but so far the just have A and B side singles. That just means this is a band to watch and very closely at that. After looking into Films of Colour I can assume that the band is in due process of recording a real LP or EP. To say the least I’m pretty stoked to hear more. You can hear 6 great tracks, including an amazing acoustic version of Capital, on Soundcloud right here.

These guys are up and coming and need your Likes! Head on over to Films of Colour’s Facebook Page to show your support.

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Song of the Day! Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Urban Cone - Urban Photograph

The Stockholm based Urban Cone doesn't mind if you take an Urban Photograph

The beauty of the track Urban Photograph lies in its simplicity and familiarity. A swift indie beat, a catchy keyboard melody and very complementing lyrics make up this head bopping tune. While the song is nothing too crazy or re-inventive for the genre, it is still for sure a worth while listen in today’s repetitive music market. If even just for that sweet sweet indie beat break down that makes up the last 40 seconds. Leave it to a Swedish band to make music that is perfectly marketable to the American indie music scene. It’s too bad Urban Cone has a very minimal amount of material released because I’d love to give an EP or full LP of theirs a listen. A little birdy told me that come October we should see some interesting tunes from these guys so I figure we’ll just check back in at that point. Until then go chill and read a book or something while bopping along to Urban Photograph.

Urban Cone may not have much to share but they at least have a nice music video for their wonderful track Urban Photograph. Check it.

Bands like Urban Cone need your support so head on over to their Facebook Page and give them a Like.

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Song of the Day! The Drums – Money

The Drums - Money

The Drums have released their 2nd album Portamento from Brooklyn, New York

Can you say poor man’s anthem? Well, I am broke and in a need of a good anthem so I’m pretty sure The Drums latest single Money fits the bill perfectly. The band’s signature beach fizzle is clearly evident on the new track, along with those catchy falsetto chorus lines. This track is having the same positive mood elevauting effect their single Let’s Go Surfing had on me last year. A song as catchy as Money does not like to leave the safe confines of your brain without a fight, but then again why fight it? I’ve just come to accept the track playing on an endless loop in my head. “I want to buy you something, but I don’t have any money- No I don’t have any money.” Never thought I’d enjoy a song that makes me feel like a broke schmuck who can’t take a girl out to a simple dinner. Other then Money I haven’t really checked into the band’s recently released album Portamento. Maybe when I get some money I could buy the album and give it a thorough review.

Here’s the music video for The Drums song Money. Look at them being so god damn indie.

And of course don’t forget to give The Drums a Like on their Facebook Page.