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Kid Astray – [Diver]

Kid Astray  Diver

Meet Kid Astray the fun-fueled sextet from Oslo, Norway

Kid Astray – Diver:

Take a deep breath and dive in with me! This electropoptastic tune by Scandinavian six piece Kid Astray is just what your summer has been waiting for. Take those summer feel-good vibes to the next level with all the luscious layers of my current obsession, Diver.

When I say that I can’t get enough of this truly uplifting track… I darn well mean it! If Diver was like a grand hotel’s Jacuzzi, I would have far surpassed the maximum time allowed in one use. I’m beginning to think my musical brain is prunning up from the prolonged exposure to this satisfying indie pop.

And to think, I used to believe the repeat button didn’t have a purpose…

Twitter Handle: @KidAstray
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Kid Astray

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Superhumanoids – [Come Say Hello]

Superhumanoids - Exhibitionist

LA electropop darlings Superhumanoids have returned

Superhumanoids – Come Say Hello:

Superhumanoids’ entrancing signature sound takes the form of heart thumping electronic bliss with Come Say Hello. It always takes something extraordinary to pull me from the depths of my musical mineshaft and this dazzling gem is more than enough to accomplish the feat. I’m seeking the world’s help because I’m drowning in this breathtaking track’s majesty. Three solid minutes of suffocating under the richest layers of velvet with no escape in sight. I’ll easily give up all the air in my lungs just to experience the asphyxiation that Superhumanoids give to me with this promising release.

Twitter Handle: @superhumanoids
Spotify: Superhumanoids

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FMLYBND – [Forever] + [Electricity]

FMLYBND - Forever + Electricity

FMLYBND bring us wholesome synthpop laden with indie rock

FMLYBND – Forever:

Something sweet sounding is filling the air with carefree vibes and poppy tones. These deliciously fresh sounds are the product of six piece California natives FMLYBND. Based out of Isla Vista, the band already has a solid foundation of support for their music – all of their family and friends. It truly is nice to see a band hold such regard for family values intrinsically, and to still be able to make such damn good music.

Their latest single Forever is an anthem of youthful vigor. Completely jam packed full of energy at times, yet never seems to be overwhelming or chaotic. Perhaps the song is best fit for a sunny day adventure where the only restrictions are the shoes on your feet and the friends you bring along to share the moment. Being more than just a run-of-the-mill track, Forever is the pure bliss of happy days passed and all the amazing memories that are still to come.

WARNING! Listening to Electricity will cause rapid spasms of rhythmic movement in your legs. Not only that but your brain will be fried by the overwhelming catchiness of that synth hook. So good luck accomplishing anything productive when all you want to do is whistle that damn synth! I’m serious when I say Electricity is criminally good and we should hold FMLYBND accountable for their actions. When they make music this good you are left with simply no choice but to buy their debut Gold EP, which will see a release next week on the 27th of September. I cannot wait to abuse my brain by exposing it to such infectious tunes.

FMLYBND – Electricity: 

Of course FMLYBND has a Facebook Page where you can show your support for them.

Or listen to FMLYBND on Spotify!


Joywave – [Tongues (feat. KOPPS)] + [Dying Well]

Joywave - Tounges (feat. Kopps) + Dying Well

Joywave bring us their ambitious electronic indie pop  from Rochester, NY

Joywave – Tongues (feat. KOPPS):

Just try to get away from this one. You cannot; you simply won’t be able to escape its rhythmic clutches. Within the first ten seconds of Tongues you will find yourself lassoed into that enticing beat and the wonderfully addictive hook preformed by KOPPS. In what might very well be the fastest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, you’ll find that you want to see more of your attention captor and will feel bad for not paying them enough mind in the past. You’ll submit yourself to many more listens of this infectious tune, whether your sanity needs it or not. This could probably go without saying but Tongues is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of 2013. I just can’t get enough of everything this song has to offer, and I’m not quite sure I ever will.

Joywave just have a knack for proper artistic arrangement it seems. It’s hard to find a composition these guys have made that is not at least intriguing to some degree. The band’s newest release is no exception from the quality one might come to expect from the Rochester, NY based indie electropop group. Their latest mixtape, aptly named 88888, continues the tradition of intrigue and cultivation that Joywave have shown such capacity for in the past.

Download the full “88888” Mixtape free directly from Joywave

88888 is an unparalleled adventure through an electropop world that is chock-full of finesse and rich texture. Joywave put so much attention into the finer details that everything on the mixtape has its dignified place and purpose. This leaves the listener with little room to question what is happening to them as their swept up in the invigorating experience. Track by track you will find yourself treated to prolific and intrepid sounds that highlight what I can’t help but to feel is progress made in music, namely electropop, this side of the 2010 decade. 

Dying Well is just one of the many entrancing tracks that caught my attention on 88888. What starts off as ethereal and almost weightless becomes solid and heavy as an upright bass line kicks in followed by the call of a solo brass. If film noir was ever condensed into song form, this just might be it. Dying Well does an amazing job of highlighting the depth and range Joywave can manage to put in just a single track.

Joywave – Dying Well:

Joywave’s Facebook Page is right on the other side of that link. I’m sure a Like on your behalf would be much appreciated by the gents!

Or listen to Joywave on Spotify!

88888 (2013):


The Hundred in the Hands – [Keep It Low]

The Hundred in the Hands

Indie electo pop duo The Hundred in the Hands know how to ‘Keep It Low’  from Brooklyn, New York

The Hundred in the Hands – Keep It Low:

Download Keep It Low Here (Directly from SKOA‘s Soundcloud)

Rarely does a band capture my imagination and force fascination upon me so swiftly with their phantasmal beats that they have me questioning the very reality of all the other musicians that came before them. The Hundred in the Hands fuse elements of dreamy electro pop with everything one could like about post-punk and indie rock. Their unique music soothes the soul whist setting ablaze a fire that causes uncontrollable urges to move and dance about the room. They are the missing piece to the indie music puzzle that I have so desperately yearned to be filled in my life. Their 2010 debut self-titled album The Hundred in the Hands is like meeting someone for the first time, yet you have seemingly known them your whole life. Two years later and we find ourselves crossing paths with our ‘life-long friends’ once again with their latest single Keep It Low. If this gem of a single is any indication of whats to come then their new album Red Night is sure to please any and all who are familiar with the band and the enormously vast sound they encompass. Actually, I’m willing to bet that Red Night will please even those new and unfamiliar to the enchanting sounds The Hundred in the Hands have to offer.

Hope you’re ready! The Hundred in the Hands second album Red Night will be out June 11/12th.

Please show the band some support by heading over to The Hundred in the Hands’ Facebook Page and give them a big ol’ Like!

Or listen to The Hundred In The Hands on Spotify!