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SOAK – Sea Creatures

SOAK - Sea Creatures

The young indie solo act SOAK hails from Northen Ireland

SOAK – Sea Creatures:

Here’s a nautical music adventure that will surely bring a smile to your face, and fill your stomach with butterflies of youthful bliss. Sea Creatures is awash in glowy feel-good vibes that will transport you to a moment of oceanic serenity. Life’s problems just seem to melt away under the influence of this lovely gem. After all, it’s hard to be mad at anything when your insides have been reduced to a goopy mess of positivity and joy.

SOAK is the solo work of a young and talented female singer-songwriter from Northern Ireland. At only 18 years old Bridie Monds-Watson is making some serious waves internationally with her heartfelt tunes that celebrate, albeit toned down, life and love. I’m sure a well crafted debut album is on the horizon for us all, but only more anticipation shall grow in its absence. Until that day comes, I’m perfectly content drifting away on the serene voyage that is Sea Creatures.

Twitter Handle: @Soakofficial
Facebook Page:
Spotify:  SOAK

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BØRNS – [10,000 Emerald Pools]

BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

L.A based indie rocker BØRNS originated from south Michigan 

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools:

Folk-pop act BØRNS has erupted onto the music scene with a true indie gem that satiates the senses on all levels. There is an immediate and undeniable allure to the causal coastal sound of 10,000 Emerald Pools. Is there any better way to transition into fall than a song that compels you to hit the road with all the windows down for a spontaneous oceanic adventure?

So turn up the volume to max and toggle your cruise control to carefree. The world around you should slowly begin to melt as the tides from 10,000 Emerald Pools roll in. Enjoy becoming slowly submerged in all the feel good waves this nautical jam has to offer.

According to various sources, BØRNS will begin a tour across the United States this fall. I really hope I’m able to make it out of my Mineshaft to see this talented gentleman.

Twitter Handle: @bornsmusic
Facebook Page:
Spotify:  BØRNS


Song of the Day! Hard-Fi – Stop

Hard-Fi - Stop

Hard-Fi know how to Stop a room full of people with their exciting Alternative British Rock.

Stop. Well, that’s at least what I did when this little gem of a track decided to make itself know me. I really can’t decide what the best part about this song is. It’s a toss up between the electric harmonica, fast and slick lyrics, or catchy as hell chorus. I guess i’m going to have to choose option D. All of the Above. I’m seriously digging this tune right now, in fact I’m digging all the tunes on Hard-Fi’s recently released album Killer Sounds. I dug into the album head first after hearing Stop and boy do I regret nothing. This is music! I’m very pleased to be hearing such a solid sound coming out of the UK right now. This is some great good ol’ indie rock but what Hard-Fi has gone and done is infuse these amazing electro instruments and styles into their music as well. The result being some incredibly fresh music at a time when old tricks are being reused in the indie genre.

It’s good to note that Hard-Fi are not at all a new band on the scene. Having formed in 2003 the band has already put out three studio albums, two of which peaked at #1 on the UK music charts. It wasn’t until some random point when I was listening to Killer Sounds that I realized this is the same Hard-Fi that released the awesome song Cash Machine in 2005. You remember how great that track was back in the day? I sure do. It makes coming full circle and rediscovering this amazing band again 6 years later all the better. Believe me when I say you’ll be seeing more Hard-Fi on The Sifting Pan soon.

Here’s the link to Hard-Fi’s Facebook page. Go give them that thumbs up likey thingy bands enjoy getting so much.

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Song the Day! Clap Clap Riot – Everyone’s Asleep

Clap Clap Riot - Everyone's Asleep

Clap Clap Riot are an undiscovered indie rock band from Auckland, New Zealand

Clap Clap Riot is just one of those bands that really do live up to their name. This is evident within seconds of starting the band’s single Everyone’s Asleep. *Clap*Clap*Clap* And then begins that oh so addicting chorus line. Things get even better when you add in the gritty guitar riffs and steady tempo of melodic beats that persist throughout this foot stomper. I am very shocked at the lack of hype around this track. Under 300 listeners and under 10,000 youtube plays, so I’d say these guys are pretty off the radar. The thing about a song as likable Everyone’s Asleep is that it won’t stay hidden for long. This one’s going to jump a few rungs on the musical ladder, mark my words. What’s even better is that these guys are still fresh and have time to develop their sound even further before attracting a huge following. It’s just a matter of letting time and buzz take its course at this point.

Here’s the official music video for Everyone’s Asleep. Don’t let the all zombies frighten you.

As always, you should check out the band’s Facebook Page. I’m sure Clap Clap Riot appreciate the love and like.

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Song of the Day! Hellogoodbye – When We First Met

Hellogoodbye first met in Huntington Beach, CA

Who ever said good indie music had to be new needs to loosen up and shut it. Example? When We First Met of course! The song was released late 2009 on an EP of the same name and then later released on Hellogoodbye’s second LP Would It Kill You?. When We First Met is sheer indie power pop bliss and can easily stand its ground as a track of artistic and instrumental beauty. You may be asking yourself what makes this track so special and why care about it now? The answer to the first question lies within the song itself and a good listen (or three) might help you understand. Now the answer to the second question is that music like this is never dated and I could share this track in 2012 and it should have the same effect as it did the very day it came out in 2009. Good music has no expiration date and it’s sad to see so many great songs and artist get swallowed by the vast and never ending streamline known as time. Someone’s got to remember the good ones, the great finds, the indie gems.