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Purity Ring - begin again

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Purity Ring – [begin again] + [push pull]

Purity Ring - begin again

The Canadian experimental electronic oddity known as Purity Ring has returned

Purity Ring – [begin again]:

The off beat magnetism of Purity Ring is presenting itself in full force on their latest release begin again. It’s as if a dark charm has begotten further adoration for Megan James and Corin Roddick and their crafty electronic nature. The new song does a tremendous job of striking a balance in the clash between their typical bizarre self and a new found sound that wouldn’t be too out of place at the local club. Personally, I find their mix of piano with a dance floor banger to be simply fun, but it has to be Megan James haunting vocals that keep me coming back to this addictive track again and again.

push pull is Purity Ring’s first release in two years and I would say is a quintessential example of the odd, but enchanting, sound the band is widely known for. The backdrop of electronic noises on this one aren’t so much a part of the background as they manage to pierce their way to forefront. That’s not to say Megan’s vocals are downplayed at all, because she, again, is a major pull in the listenability of this song. I just happen to prefer the new and exciting focus the band is taking over the old, but reliable, smorgasbord.

Purity Ring – [push and pull]:

Purity Ring have also announced the release date and title of their second album. Here is the ten track listing of Another Eternity which should be released on 3/3/15:

push pull
stranger than earth
begin again
dust hymn
flood on the floor
sea castle
stillness in woe

Twitter Handle: @PURITY_RING
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Purity Ring

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FEVERS – [Dance Cry Dance] + [Autumn’s Dead]

FEVERS - Dance Cry Dance + Look Alive

Canadian synth rockers FEVERS want us to Dance Cry Dance

FEVERS – Dance Cry Dance:

If you like catchy motion inducing dance rock, topped off with a talented female vocalist, then look no further! Ottawa based band FEVERS have released, in what is just my opinion, one of this year’s most solid debut albums.

No Room For Light is a beautifully diverse mix of indie rock and electropop that fuses the best of both worlds. From the wonderful synth stylings of Dance Cry Dance to the momentum building indie rock track Autumn’s Dead, the debut album is plump full of songs that actually engage the listener in a melodious experience. I must say that lead vocalist Sarah Bradley really shines through as a focal point for the wide range of sounds. Her serene voice is a perfect balance for the fast electronic rhythms and riffs found throughout No Room For Light. I highly recommend giving the album a chance, as I am sure you will not regret it.

While FEVERS is a wonderfully unique band, I can’t help but to say that they sound a lot like a hybrid of CHVRCHES and Company of Thieves. If you’re familiar with those two bands I’m sure you’d agree. Unfamiliar with the pair? I just found two more bands for you to check out!

FEVERS – Autumn’s Dead

Let FEVERS know if you like them by doing so on their Facebook Page.

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No Room For Light (2013):

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First Rate People – [Dark Age] + [Funny Games]

First Rate People - Dark Age + Funny Games

First Rate People are a delightfully massive indie pop group from Canada

First Rate People – Dark Age:

Despite its name, the song Dark Age has absolutely nothing dark about it. While at first It might seem a bit recluse, soon this enticing tune will beckon you inward with a vibrant build up that is well worth the investment. Once the synth kicks in everything just takes off in full fantastical form. Simply put, this song is Indie Pop at its finest my friends. After two minutes of wonderful bursts of energy and passion the song culminates into two minutes of gentle vocals and acoustic sound. Somehow on this gentle exit they still manage to keep my attention with bated breath. 

First Rate People have that certain charm and tenacity it takes to make something of oneself. With poignant lyrics that pull at your heart strings and the artful blending of a variety of genres, its hard not to think these guys (and gals) are going to make something of themselves. Everything about First Rate People is impressive and so is pretty much every track they have released to the public. By the way did I mention they are all available for free at First Rate People’s

Girls’ Night used to be my favorite track by First Rate People but I’m pretty sure now Funny Games has far surpassed it. Try not to be engulfed in the boisterous beats and overwhelming production value it has to offer. The track may be from last year but it’s still as fresh as ever right now and damn it I still have the urge to listen to it all the time.

First Rate People – Funny Games: MP3 Download via

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #6 EUREKA

EUREKA! Mother Mother have struck gold with their brilliant brand of indie pop.

Kinda pressed for time today so I can’t really go as in depth as I’d like on why Mother Mother’s EUREKA is one of the best albums of the year. All I can say is take a listen below yourself and the reasons should become pretty self evident. The unique blend of pop and rock that Mother Mother bring this time around is nothing short of creative genius. From memorable lyrical hooks, insane falsetto vocals, and wonderful duets to soaring piano scores, gargantuan noodling, and thrashing guitars- EUREKA is a giant melting pot of indie delights. If your looking for something unique to add to your musical collection look no further then this masterly crafted album. Do yourself a favor and LISTEN TO THIS AMAZING ALBUM. You simply will not regret it.

EUREKA in its entirety provided for your listening pleasure from Soundcloud.

EUREKA - Mother Mother (click image to buy album)

  1. Chasing it Down* – 4:10
  2. The Stand* – 2:56
  3. Baby Don’t Dance* – 3:30
  4. Original Spin* – 3:32
  5. Born in a Flash* – 3:11
  6. Simply Simple* – 3:32
  7. Problems* – 3:27
  8. Aspiring Fires* – 3:34
  9. Getaway – 3:39
  10. Far in Time* – 3:20
  11. Oleander* – 3:20
  12. Calm Me Down – 4:42
  13. In the Wings – 4:00
  14. Carve a Name – 3:26
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Mother Mother’s EUREKA in Spotify

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Song of the Day! Barton Fink – If You Know

If you know Barton Fink then you know they formed in Montreal, Canada

Electro-indie-funk-punk. Yes Barton Fink manages to encompass all these genres and more in their guitar and synth laced tunes. If You Know is an other worldly song with an off kilter beat and a warped array of instruments that do so much more then just grab your attention. Then add in that chorus line that sounds like someone forget to take their foot of the distortion pedal and you have a one of a kind memorable mix. While If You Know is featured on Barton Fink’s recent EP titled simply EP, one can only assume that the band is ready to drop another album since their debut Gear was released back in 2009. It would be really exciting if the band did announce plans for a new album since they are one of the most creative sounds I have heard in quite sometime. For now I’m going to back track and dwelve into the funk rock sounds of Gear and get my Barton Fink on!

Like what you hear? Let the band know it! Go to Barton Fink’s Facebook page and give them a like.