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FMLYBND – [Letting Go]

FMLYBND - Letting Go

FMLYBND have quite the positive reputation back home at Isla Vista, CA

FMLYBND – Letting Go:

FMLYBND might not be a name you recognize at the moment, but I urge you to pay close attention to the wonderful music these mega talented synth rockers are pumping out. Releasing jam after to jam over the last two years, it’s definitely safe to say this six piece is poised to go big places. I’m already stumped as to what’s taking everyone so long to catch on, but, like usual, these hidden gems take awhile to surface into the mainstream. I doubt that will be a problem in 2015 as FMLYBND has made the ultimate promise to their fans, and the world, to release a new single every month. So keep an eye on their Soundcloud!

Letting Go is FMYLBND’s chillingly delightful release for the month of January. So much allure to be found in the heart pumping synth hook that laces its way throughout the track. Which rests only to give the other lovely elements, that are indeed crucial to the song’s success, a chance to shine. If this is the appeasing direction and fulfilling sound that the band is heading towards, than I am going to go ahead and double down on my level excitement for these consummate Californians. I tremble before the idea of a full album.

Speaking of excitement, FMLYBND have announced they will be playing the 2nd annual Big Guava Music Festival (May 8th-9th) located in Tampa, Florida. So of course I went ahead and bought a pre-sale ticket, and I tell no lies when I say that FMLYBND being on the bill was a huge push in making the early purchase. I had no idea this amazing group would be finding their way to my humble state so soon. I just couldn’t pass on this perfect opportunity, and I can’t wait to see you wonderful lot make my day come this May!

Twitter Handle: @fmlybnd
Facebook Page:
Spotify:   FMLYBND

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HOLYCHILD – [Running Behind]

HOLYCHILD - Running Behind

Self-described brat pop band HOLYCHILD is the teamwork of Liz and Louie

HOLYCHILD – Running Behind:

HOLYCHILD treat us to a new kind of sugar-coated brashness through their unique brand of over-the-top brat pop. It’s noisy, upbeat, and all up in your face. Very similar to the way the life of the party undoubtedly makes their presence known. With a bite as delicious as Running Behind I’m not sure much can be done to stop the world from discovering and indulging into this creative duo based out of Los Angeles.

With just one EP, titled MINDSPEAK, and a new satisfying single under their belt HOLYCHILD are already well on their way to dominating the American festival circuit this year. With Running Behind being such a promising tune it’s easy to see why this zany team has so many early backers. They have also recently stated that their debut album should see a release in the coming months of 2015. So be prepared for new material to surface from these unconventional up and comers real soon. I have no doubts that the pair will surpass our expectations with candy coated delights for all.

Twitter Handle: @HOLYCHILD
Facebook Page:

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Superhumanoids – [Come Say Hello]

Superhumanoids - Exhibitionist

LA electropop darlings Superhumanoids have returned

Superhumanoids – Come Say Hello:

Superhumanoids’ entrancing signature sound takes the form of heart thumping electronic bliss with Come Say Hello. It always takes something extraordinary to pull me from the depths of my musical mineshaft and this dazzling gem is more than enough to accomplish the feat. I’m seeking the world’s help because I’m drowning in this breathtaking track’s majesty. Three solid minutes of suffocating under the richest layers of velvet with no escape in sight. I’ll easily give up all the air in my lungs just to experience the asphyxiation that Superhumanoids give to me with this promising release.

Twitter Handle: @superhumanoids
Spotify: Superhumanoids

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WNSC Playlist for 11/27/12

The Sifting Pan is live every Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. E/T on WNSC, UCF’s Student Run Radio Station. Tune in HERE during my time slot for some pretty darn great indie/alternative jams.

Artist – Track ; Album

  1. Ellie Goulding – Only You; Halcyon
  2. The Ting Tings – Soul Killing; Sounds From Nowheresville
  3. Sleigh Bells – End Of The Line; Reign Of Terror
  4. Bikinians – Old Lady Face; Hystricool
  5. Balthazar – Later; Rats
  6. Modest Mouse – King Rat; No Ones First, And You’re Next
  7. The Maccabees – Pelican; Given To The Wild
  8. Little Comets – Worry; Life Is Elsewhere
  9. Minus The Bear – Knights; Planets Of Ice
  10. Ghostland Observatory – Sad Sad City; Paparazzi Lightning
  11. Freelance Whales – Hannah; Weathervanes
  12. Givers – Saw You First; In Light
  13. Electric Guest – Amber; Mondo
  14. Foster The People – I Would Do Anything For You; Torches
  15. Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game; Technicolor Health

Full Playlist On Spotify

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WNSC Playlist for 11/6/12

The Sifting Pan is live every Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. E/T on WNSC, UCF’s Student Run Radio Station. Tune in HERE during my time slot for some pretty darn great indie/alternative jams.

Artist – Track ; Album

  1. Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten; Velociraptor!
  2. The Wombats – Jump Into The Fog; This Modern Glitch
  3. Grouplove – Chloe; Never Trust A Happy Song
  4. Sleeper Agent – Love Blood; Celebrasion
  5. Tilly And The Wall – Heavy Mood; Heavy Mood
  6. The Naked And Famous – Frayed; Passive Me, Aggresive You
  7. Two Door Cinema Club – Handshake; Beacon
  8. Say Anything – Alive With The Glory Of Love; Is A Real Boy…
  9. Lana Del Rey – Diet Mountain Dew; Born To Die
  10. Portugal The Man – The Dead Dog; American Ghetto
  11. Nico Vega – Beast; Nico Vega
  12. Royal Treatment Plan – Undercurrent; Hope Is Not Enough
  13. Films Of Colour – Creature Of Habit; Running EP
  14. Saint Motel – Hands Up Robert; Vouyer
  15. Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World; Night Visions

Full Playlist On Spotify