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Song of the Day! Barton Fink – If You Know

If you know Barton Fink then you know they formed in Montreal, Canada

Electro-indie-funk-punk. Yes Barton Fink manages to encompass all these genres and more in their guitar and synth laced tunes. If You Know is an other worldly song with an off kilter beat and a warped array of instruments that do so much more then just grab your attention. Then add in that chorus line that sounds like someone forget to take their foot of the distortion pedal and you have a one of a kind memorable mix. While If You Know is featured on Barton Fink’s recent EP titled simply EP, one can only assume that the band is ready to drop another album since their debut Gear was released back in 2009. It would be really exciting if the band did announce plans for a new album since they are one of the most creative sounds I have heard in quite sometime. For now I’m going to back track and dwelve into the funk rock sounds of Gear and get my Barton Fink on!

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Song of the Day! Miami Horror – I Look To You ft. Kimbra

Miami Horror bring us the funk from Melbourne, Australia

There is something super special going on with Miami Horror’s album Illumination. It has a certain disco house style that you just don’t see very much in today’s music. The album is full of the grooviest of beats and pulls off some funky-ass feats. I Look To You is my second favorite off the album, only bested by the amazing Sometimes. I Look To You is a great example of that retro house feel that Miami Horror is so damn good at portraying in their music. New Zealand’s own singer/songwriter Kimbra’s vocals add that final perfect element to the track that just brings it all the way home for me. Honestly Illumination is packed full of songs that will make you want to get up and out of your seat and attempt to get your groove on. The album may have been released late August of last year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to commemorate one of the best indie electro albums of 2010.