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Song of the Day! Bikinians – Rhinocirrhosis

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Bikinians are up and coming from Belgium

So- so- soooo- addicting! Right from the bat that guitar riff hooks me and then it only gets better. Something about this song gets me pumped and forces me to sing along, even though I only understand about half the lyrics. I can only assume Rhinocirrhosis is pronounced like the animal rhinoceros, but who really cares anyways. Bikinians are an up and coming pop-rock band from Belgium. I remember hearing their amazing song How a few months ago and posting it for my friends. At that time Bikinians had under 1,000 listeners and now they are sitting just above 3,000. Hopefully with enough attention these guys will put out real album effort. Rumors have been going around of an album release at the end of the month but my research has shed no light on any such upcoming release. Until then we’ll have to settle for the short but sweet 4 track Rhinocirrhosis EP.

One thought on “Song of the Day! Bikinians – Rhinocirrhosis

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