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Song of the Day! DOM – Living In America

DOM - Living In America

DOM help point out just how sexy it is to be Living In America.

Countless songs have been gnawing away at my brain for the past month or so and finally having a new computer I can get back to sharing the songs that I feel need to be heard. Driven by infectious electro beats, Living In America has been one of those very songs that refused to let my mind be at ease with a what I would call a unique chorus that just feels right to sing along to. DOM has created one of those songs where repetition is never an issue and you might even go as far as hitting the repeat button once (or even twice). What I’m trying to say is that Living In America never really loses its appeal and I’m rather surprised by the lack of hype around this Massachusetts indie pop band. I’m sure with the right spotlight these guys would blow up. There was a decent amount of buzz around the band’s debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, which features Living In America, but nothing too gripping. Having just released a new EP, Family of Love, the public will once again look at DOM to see if they have what it takes to keep to the high standards they’ve set for themselves. While there are some rather weak tracks on their new EP, I’d like to say that the other strong ones more then make up for it.

Here is the music video for Living In America. Well don’t they just look like they’re having a blast.

Head over to DOM’s Facebook Page and give them a like!

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Song of the Day! The Subways – It’s A Party

The Subways always make sure It's A Party in England.

Does anybody remember a [not so] little song from back in 2005 called Rock & Roll Queen? Well the same underground British rockers are back from a long absence of music making. The Subways bring a huge level of excitement with their new single I’ts A Party. The new song delivers some pretty heavy indie rock at you upbeat and fast. I’m also pretty sure the song was written to get a crowd all wrawled up so don’t be alarmed when you find your heart beat elevated to the sound of the music. Hopefully more tunes with the idea of partying in mind come our way when The Subways’ new album comes out this September, with the third LP being titled Money & Celebrity.

Official Music Video for It’s A Party by The Subways. Be prepared for the large crowds and elbows.


Like The Subways on Facebook. These guys are bringing back British Alternative Rock the best way possible.

P.S: I hope to have my own computer back soon with all my music on it. Till then I’ll be limited on my new music and might have to revert back to some classic indie gems for awhile.


Song of the Day! Funeral Party – Finale

Funeral Party bring us The Age of Knowhere from Whittier, California

It’s called dance punk and it’s the very fiber of Funeral Party’s being. It’s also called turning the volume up as loud as possible and letting the beat take you in as you jump up and down to the raw and untamed rock n’ roll these guys dish out so damn well. How can you not feel an overwhelming sense of excitement when you listen to this east coast band cut loose and make music that can simply be described as “a good fucking time.” I challenge you to listen to Finale all the way through and not tap your foot along. You won’t be able to. Nope. Not at all. In fact you actually might start thrashing around the room so make sure to stand in an area free of furniture. Finale isn’t the only tune by Funeral Party that will cause spontaneous rage dancing. Their debut album The Golden Age of Knowhere is full of tracks that will rock you to your core and has to be up there somewhere in the top five list of debut albums this year. One of my favorite tracks of the past couple months has been Funeral Party’s epic anthem New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.. You just gotta love that cowbell opening. All in all Funeral Party is a band I’d be happy to play at any party, even my funeral. I think Finale would be perfect.

Here is the music video for Funeral Party’s Finale. Good times enclosed.

Go like Funeral Party’s Facebook page now! I know you like them so let them know it.


Song of the Day! Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

Young the Giant bring us their special brand of American indie rock from Irvine, California

Young the Giant have absolutely mesmerized me with their 2010/2011 self titled debut album Young the Giant. I can’t help but listen through the album over and over again thinking to myself, “This is what true and creative indie rock sounds like.” It’s hard to find a track on the album that isn’t both majestic and enthralling. At the same time it’s difficult to pick just one track off this spectacular debut to highlight and praise. I’m sure the world is already very familiar with Young the Giants first single My Body, as it has seen endless radio play over the past few months. I could’ve shared my favorite track off the album with you, I Got, but i’m selfish and am keeping it all to myself. So I guess that leaves the steady and soothing track Cough Syrup. With it’s mellow string of chords and wonderfully catchy vocalization, it’s just one of the many songs responsible for my returning again and again to the album. I keep telling myself just one more spoonful of Cough Syrup now, but it can never be just one. It’s probably not healthy to chug a whole bottle of the stuff, but I can’t help myself when it says Young the Giant on the label. Now i’m going to drift off now into a trance like state with a belly full of beautiful indie music courtesy of the best new band of 2011. You can listen to Young the Giant in all it’s entirety on Soundcloud here.

Here’s the music video for Cough Syrup which was released last week.

Head over to Young the Giant’s Facebook page and give them a like. You know they deserve it.

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Song of the Day! The Immigrant – Summer of Love (She Said)

The Immigrant help kick off the summer of love from Sydney, Australia

Music Video: The Immigrant – Summer Of Love (She Said)

Dare I say the phrase anthem of the summer? I’d hate to jump the gun with a statement like that but this song is just dripping in raw musical sex appeal. Summer Of Love (She Said) is the perfect electro banger to help make this summer as hot and melty as possible. The overlap of club bass and guitar hook here is impeccable and I could not be more on board with The Immigrant’s indie electronic infusion. The Immigrant help to further prove my theory that the best indie music acts around are coming straight out of Australia. I only wish that I could find more indie electro hits like this one from The Immigrant but it seems that they are a fairly new outfit with very little material out. If they can pull a single like this out of nowhere then you better believe that an EP from these guys has ridiculous amounts of potential. I have no choice but to keep my eyes and ears peeled for news of new material from the The Immigrant. Until then lets make this a summer of love!

Check out The Immigrant’s website at which serves as a central hub for the band’s social media interactions. Hit them up on Facebook or Twitter and give them a Like and a Follow.