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Song of the Day! The Subways – It’s A Party

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The Subways always make sure It's A Party in England.

Does anybody remember a [not so] little song from back in 2005 called Rock & Roll Queen? Well the same underground British rockers are back from a long absence of music making. The Subways bring a huge level of excitement with their new single I’ts A Party. The new song delivers some pretty heavy indie rock at you upbeat and fast. I’m also pretty sure the song was written to get a crowd all wrawled up so don’t be alarmed when you find your heart beat elevated to the sound of the music. Hopefully more tunes with the idea of partying in mind come our way when The Subways’ new album comes out this September, with the third LP being titled Money & Celebrity.

Official Music Video for It’s A Party by The Subways. Be prepared for the large crowds and elbows.


Like The Subways on Facebook. These guys are bringing back British Alternative Rock the best way possible.

P.S: I hope to have my own computer back soon with all my music on it. Till then I’ll be limited on my new music and might have to revert back to some classic indie gems for awhile.

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