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The Holidays - Reel Feel

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Best Albums of 2014 #9.) The Holidays – Real Feel

The Holidays - Reel Feel

released in February 2014 via Liberation

It’s hard to have a care in the world once you find yourself lost in the vibrant world of Real Feel. 2014 direly needed an album with endless feel-good riffs, and The Holidays came forth with an extraordinary solution. Real Feel is a musical journey through a tropical paradise that feels all too real. Track by track, the album takes you on a grand tour of the most remote and gorgeous parts of Oceania.

Yes, this brilliant composition of tunes will literally make you feel like you’re in a whole other hemisphere. The Holidays have indeed created a rich and textured world through their laid back indie rock finesse. Never has something so chill also been this damn exhilarating. It’s a damn shame that these Australian gentlemen don’t get more exposure in the States. Their latest album deserves some serious commemoration for the ten tracks of true sun-soaked bliss contained within.

So whenever you might need an escape from this dreary world…
You can always apparate there in a moments notice with Real Feel!

Favorite Tracks:
Voices Drifting
Japan Window
Simple Pleasures
Long Now
All Time High

Twitter Handle: @theholidays
Facebook Page:
Spotify:  The Holidays

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Josef Salvat – [Open Season] + [Shoot and Run]

Josef Salvat - Open Season + Shoot and Run

Josef Salvat is an Australian artist based out of London

Josef Salvat – Open Season:

Josef Salvat has proven himself more than capable of producing alternative pop music that is tremendously expansive in scope. Last year, he stunned the world with his haunting and wholesome song This Life. Now on his latest single, Open Season, Mr. Salvat seeks to push his creative boundaries to the very brink. This time by the provocation of heart swells and an overwhelming sense of invigoration. Yanking those heartstrings of yours into a steady rhythmic dance of self empowerment.

In fact, Josef Salvat’s entire new In Your Prime – EP echos this sensory entrancement. I’d say you’re quite likely to find yourself captured by the serenity and elation of it all. That’s because there is never a dull moment to be found on this four track slice of delectable experimental pop pie. Just be careful not to drown as you become awash in the overwhelming sultriness of Shoot and Run.

Josef Salvat – Shoot and Run:

Twitter Handle: @josefsalvat
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Josef Salvat

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Gold Fields – [Hold Me]

Gold Fields - Hold Me

Gold Fields bring us their unique blend of electro dance rock all the way from Australia

Gold Fields – Hold Me:

I hope you brought your towel along because this new Gold Fields track is dripping with euphonious beats. While Hold Me would find itself right at home at your local indie dance club (cause we’re all lucky enough to have one of those, right?), it would not be out of the question to hear this motion inducing masterpiece blaring at an H&M or other “trendy” department store. Cause lets cut right to the chase here, this song is fucking hip!

A new album is expected from Gold Fields before the year closes out. So keep your eyes and ears fixed on these talented gentlemen for more hot sounds.

Twitter Handle: @goldfields
Facbook Page:
Spotify:  Gold Fields

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Cash for Gold – [Cheerleaders]

Cash For Gold - Cheerleaders

Cash For Gold give us some much needed pop chaos from Melbourne, Australia

Cash For Gold – Cheerleaders:

Get ready for a real crowd pleaser people because Cheerleaders is here to get you pumped up whether you like it or not! Sound the horns and buckle up for this hellish half-time show. Something about this loud and mysteriously catchy tune just reaches out and grabs you, almost as if by sheer force. Cash for Gold, the exciting collaboration of Jack Weaving and Stephen Mowat, is taking you hostage for the duration of this gripping marching tune, and you’re probably going to find yourself accepting this fact rather easily. Soon you’ll be singing along with C-A-S-H-CASH FOR GOLD! The song is what we kids like to call ON POINT, and at every single level to boot! While it may be kind of hard to find much about the duo Cash for Gold at this time, I’d be shocked if people did not start to take notice to the pulse pounding anthem Cheerleaders real soon.

Like what you hear? Then go ahead and Like Cash For Gold over at their Facebook Page.

Or listen to Cash for Gold on Spotify!

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Dappled Cities – [Run With The Wind]

Dappled Cities

The Australian experimental indie rockers, known as Dappled Cites, are back from hibernation

Dappled Cities – Run With The Wind:

Download Run With The Wind Here (Directly from the band’s Facebook Page)

Almost three painstakingly long years now. That’s how long I have been waiting so patiently for a follow up to Dappled Cities 2009 absolutely astonishing art rock/epic indie pop album Zounds. Now it seems as though my prayers have been answered and the knowledge of a new Dappled Cities album has been bestowed upon me. And not just new album knowledge but a full fledged single has surfaced so my level of excitement is quickly reaching critical mass! Run With The Wind is set to be the first single off the forthcoming album, currently only known as LP 4, and gives us some huge insight as to what to expect this time around. You can still hear the same rich multiple layers of progressive sounds that made Zounds so impressive, and from first listen of Run With The Wind it seems the band is willing to experiment even more with artful distortions and purposeful delays. Those signature falsetto vocals one can so easily match with Dappled Cities have found themselves incorporated once again along side finally crafted lyrics of methodological metaphoric madness. I have never been more ready for a new Dappled Cities album in my life and I eagerly await official news of a release date. Expect to hear more about these guys from me in the near future.

You should show some support and head over to Dappled Cities’ Facebook Page and give them a Like!

Or listen to Dappled Cities on Spotify!