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Song of the Day! DOM – Living In America

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DOM - Living In America

DOM help point out just how sexy it is to be Living In America.

Countless songs have been gnawing away at my brain for the past month or so and finally having a new computer I can get back to sharing the songs that I feel need to be heard. Driven by infectious electro beats, Living In America has been one of those very songs that refused to let my mind be at ease with a what I would call a unique chorus that just feels right to sing along to. DOM has created one of those songs where repetition is never an issue and you might even go as far as hitting the repeat button once (or even twice). What I’m trying to say is that Living In America never really loses its appeal and I’m rather surprised by the lack of hype around this Massachusetts indie pop band. I’m sure with the right spotlight these guys would blow up. There was a decent amount of buzz around the band’s debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, which features Living In America, but nothing too gripping. Having just released a new EP, Family of Love, the public will once again look at DOM to see if they have what it takes to keep to the high standards they’ve set for themselves. While there are some rather weak tracks on their new EP, I’d like to say that the other strong ones more then make up for it.

Here is the music video for Living In America. Well don’t they just look like they’re having a blast.

Head over to DOM’s Facebook Page and give them a like!

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