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Song of the Day! Funeral Party – Finale

Funeral Party bring us The Age of Knowhere from Whittier, California

It’s called dance punk and it’s the very fiber of Funeral Party’s being. It’s also called turning the volume up as loud as possible and letting the beat take you in as you jump up and down to the raw and untamed rock n’ roll these guys dish out so damn well. How can you not feel an overwhelming sense of excitement when you listen to this east coast band cut loose and make music that can simply be described as “a good fucking time.” I challenge you to listen to Finale all the way through and not tap your foot along. You won’t be able to. Nope. Not at all. In fact you actually might start thrashing around the room so make sure to stand in an area free of furniture. Finale isn’t the only tune by Funeral Party that will cause spontaneous rage dancing. Their debut album The Golden Age of Knowhere is full of tracks that will rock you to your core and has to be up there somewhere in the top five list of debut albums this year. One of my favorite tracks of the past couple months has been Funeral Party’s epic anthem New York City Moves to the Sound of L.A.. You just gotta love that cowbell opening. All in all Funeral Party is a band I’d be happy to play at any party, even my funeral. I think Finale would be perfect.

Here is the music video for Funeral Party’s Finale. Good times enclosed.

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Song of the Day! Moving Units – Until She Says

Moving units are part of the dance-punk revival in LA, California

Why does the name David Bowie come to my mind within the first 5 seconds of listening to Until She Says? I don’t even think that question needs a response because the answer lies somewhere in Moving Units dance-punk and electronic infused indie rock. I would’ve hoped a band that spans nearly a decade of formation would have their own unique sound but taking a few pointers from the dance-rock man himself is never a bad thing. Maybe I haven’t exposed myself  to enough Moving Units for this to be a fair statement and might need to go back a few years to an earlier album to truly get a feel for what this LA outfit has to fully offer.

You can catch Until She Says on Moving Units latest EP Tension War which was self-released back in February of this year.