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Song of the Day! Phantogram – Don’t Move

Phantogram - Don't Move

New York based Phantogram have a new treat for us called Don't Move

Ok, so if there ever was a band who’s music could pull me out of a damper it would have to be Phantogram. Wonderful indie trip-hop that just breaks down musical barriers and penetrates into your psyche. Phantogram is responsible for last year’s absolutely amazing album Eye Lid Movies, which holds a special place in my heart as a personal favorite. So of course Phantogram releasing a new EP title Nightlife is going to pull me out of hiding. Well Nightlife isn’t quite out until November 1st, but the band recently put the whole EP up for stream on their Facebook Page to hold everyone over. The first single to come off the new EP is the dance inducing track you should be listening to above, Don’t Move. Phantogram’s choice for a new single gives a great overall feel for what to expect from the 6 new tracks on Nightlife. If the band releases an EP with 6 pretty much flawless tracks I can’t wait for their 2012 album prospects.

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Song of the Day! Films of Colour – Capital

Films of Colour - Capital

London based Films of Colour will surely make some Capital off a tune as good as this.

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by this track. The song Capital is like falling down an indie rock Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole with its intense and overwhelming mixture of synth and guitar. Just has you feel like this track is throwing you about carelessly the amazing vocals of lead singer Andy Clutterbuck come in to level everything out. I’ll say it again, Wow. Just simply amazing delivery of the lyrics, almost sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I don’t know why but I feel so much more connected with this song with each successive listen. I really wish Films of Colour had an album I could pick up, but so far the just have A and B side singles. That just means this is a band to watch and very closely at that. After looking into Films of Colour I can assume that the band is in due process of recording a real LP or EP. To say the least I’m pretty stoked to hear more. You can hear 6 great tracks, including an amazing acoustic version of Capital, on Soundcloud right here.

These guys are up and coming and need your Likes! Head on over to Films of Colour’s Facebook Page to show your support.

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Song of the Day! Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Urban Cone - Urban Photograph

The Stockholm based Urban Cone doesn't mind if you take an Urban Photograph

The beauty of the track Urban Photograph lies in its simplicity and familiarity. A swift indie beat, a catchy keyboard melody and very complementing lyrics make up this head bopping tune. While the song is nothing too crazy or re-inventive for the genre, it is still for sure a worth while listen in today’s repetitive music market. If even just for that sweet sweet indie beat break down that makes up the last 40 seconds. Leave it to a Swedish band to make music that is perfectly marketable to the American indie music scene. It’s too bad Urban Cone has a very minimal amount of material released because I’d love to give an EP or full LP of theirs a listen. A little birdy told me that come October we should see some interesting tunes from these guys so I figure we’ll just check back in at that point. Until then go chill and read a book or something while bopping along to Urban Photograph.

Urban Cone may not have much to share but they at least have a nice music video for their wonderful track Urban Photograph. Check it.

Bands like Urban Cone need your support so head on over to their Facebook Page and give them a Like.

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Song of the Day! Los Campesinos! – By Your Hand

Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand

Los Campesinos! give us the first taste of their 4th LP Hello Sadness from Cardiff, Wales

There are few bands out their that interlock themselves into my life emotionally, and Los Campesinos! just happens to be one them. For nearly four years now I have been infatuated with the band’s the amazingly heartfelt indie pop. So when it came down to it, I easily forked over the 12 Euros so I could pre-order the upcoming album Hello Sadness, which won’t see a release until November 14th. I’m so excited to hear how the band has evolved from 2007 to the year 2011. Every album has built upon the last in terms of style and passion, and believe me when I say the band’s debut album was chalk full of style and passion. Twas as twee as a band could be.

If By Your Hand is any indication of where the new album is venturing then I am so on board. It’s classic Los Campesinos! in that I can’t help but feel like they are trying to capture such a vast amount of emotion in such a small little track. Throw in a catchy chorus that makes your heart warm and fuzzy and we have a winner. I actually have a funny feeling that By You Hand isn’t even going to be a track the album is known for. I just know that somewhere in Hello Sadness lies a track that I could lyrically sync with my life and that when I hear it I will feel as though a little bit more of me is complete. Am I psychic? No. But able to predetermine Los Campesinos! new album being a success? Yes.

Check out the fun little video Los Campesinos! made to go along with the new track By Your Hand.

Also don’t forget to check out Los Campesinos! on Facebook and give them a like!


Song of the Day! Hard-Fi – Stop

Hard-Fi - Stop

Hard-Fi know how to Stop a room full of people with their exciting Alternative British Rock.

Stop. Well, that’s at least what I did when this little gem of a track decided to make itself know me. I really can’t decide what the best part about this song is. It’s a toss up between the electric harmonica, fast and slick lyrics, or catchy as hell chorus. I guess i’m going to have to choose option D. All of the Above. I’m seriously digging this tune right now, in fact I’m digging all the tunes on Hard-Fi’s recently released album Killer Sounds. I dug into the album head first after hearing Stop and boy do I regret nothing. This is music! I’m very pleased to be hearing such a solid sound coming out of the UK right now. This is some great good ol’ indie rock but what Hard-Fi has gone and done is infuse these amazing electro instruments and styles into their music as well. The result being some incredibly fresh music at a time when old tricks are being reused in the indie genre.

It’s good to note that Hard-Fi are not at all a new band on the scene. Having formed in 2003 the band has already put out three studio albums, two of which peaked at #1 on the UK music charts. It wasn’t until some random point when I was listening to Killer Sounds that I realized this is the same Hard-Fi that released the awesome song Cash Machine in 2005. You remember how great that track was back in the day? I sure do. It makes coming full circle and rediscovering this amazing band again 6 years later all the better. Believe me when I say you’ll be seeing more Hard-Fi on The Sifting Pan soon.

Here’s the link to Hard-Fi’s Facebook page. Go give them that thumbs up likey thingy bands enjoy getting so much.