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Song of the Day! Young The Giant – Cough Syrup

Young the Giant bring us their special brand of American indie rock from Irvine, California

Young the Giant have absolutely mesmerized me with their 2010/2011 self titled debut album Young the Giant. I can’t help but listen through the album over and over again thinking to myself, “This is what true and creative indie rock sounds like.” It’s hard to find a track on the album that isn’t both majestic and enthralling. At the same time it’s difficult to pick just one track off this spectacular debut to highlight and praise. I’m sure the world is already very familiar with Young the Giants first single My Body, as it has seen endless radio play over the past few months. I could’ve shared my favorite track off the album with you, I Got, but i’m selfish and am keeping it all to myself. So I guess that leaves the steady and soothing track Cough Syrup. With it’s mellow string of chords and wonderfully catchy vocalization, it’s just one of the many songs responsible for my returning again and again to the album. I keep telling myself just one more spoonful of Cough Syrup now, but it can never be just one. It’s probably not healthy to chug a whole bottle of the stuff, but I can’t help myself when it says Young the Giant on the label. Now i’m going to drift off now into a trance like state with a belly full of beautiful indie music courtesy of the best new band of 2011. You can listen to Young the Giant in all it’s entirety on Soundcloud here.

Here’s the music video for Cough Syrup which was released last week.

Head over to Young the Giant’s Facebook page and give them a like. You know they deserve it.

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Song of the Day! Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

Darwin Deez is detected on my radar from New York City

Music Video: Darwin Deez – Radar Detector

The vibrent and lively indie pop of American indie band Darwin Deez has been a long time coming to The Sifting Pan. Well you see, Radar Detector was my summer jam of 2010 so I guess its only natural for me to revisit this amazing song to share with you all for the summer of 2011. Radar Detector is a track that just seems to have everything in the right place at the right time and I really couldn’t of gone any farther into the year with out sharing this personal favorite of mine. Pretty much perfect borderline spoken word lyrics, but still enough vocal variation to be considered singing, and that fast and never ceasing percussion put this song into a league of its own. This nothing short of amazing factor continues on into the band’s self titled debut LP Darwin Deez. I suggest you give Darwin Deez a chance and the band’s other singles a listen, like his cosmic hit Constellations or the surprisingly happy Bad Day. I’d also like to note that even though Darwin Deez is an American indie band they’ve found much of their success in the UK. They released their debut LP in the UK in May of 2010, but did not put it out in the US until February of 2011. This kind of boogles my brain because Darwin Deez have the perfect sound to blow up in the modern American indie world, yet somehow still remain hidden in plain sight.

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Song of the Day! The Pass – Vultures

The Pass make elegant electronic enjoyables from Louisville, KY

Hop on this merry-go-round of indietronic sounds and let the groove of the beat envelop and surround you in Vultures. Heavy on the synth, but not over done and add that dance floor calling beat for the perfect combination and result. Songs with this youthful vigor are the norm on the band’s well crafted debut LP BURST, which saw a release back in September of 2010. I would attempt to describe what The Pass is all about but they’ve already done such a good job at describing themselves-

“We currently spend endless nights toying around with synthesizer loops, crafting haunting melodies, and writing deep passionate lyrics that recall long lost loves and hookups on the dance floor. With a basement sound lab that lends itself as much to electric ladyland as it does a preschool nursery there is a neverending quest for a balanced perfection of synthesizer pop and dancefloor psychedelia. Our live show is somewhere between the final act of a three ring circus and a rave in prague.”


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Song of the Day! Clubfeet – Edge of Extremes

Clubfeet is the holy union of five sons of Melbourne, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.

That intro bass line could not work any better for the song Edge of Extremes, and compliments the song’s steady pacing and simple and steady dance beat so well. Only one word truly can describe the overall feel of this laid back ambient track, mellow. Very, very, mellow. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a track that can make you want to dance while at the same time keeping your heart rate so low. The song was originally  released on the band’s debut LP Gold on Gold way back in July of 2010, but is just now getting a Single release of its own. I’m glad the band is still releasing singles from Gold on Gold which is an amazing album from a highly underrated band. According to their description: ”Clubfeet create music for the night time that can also be enjoyed in the day time. ” I’ll keep this in mind for tomorrow during the day but for now I’ll just embrace the night on the Edge of Extremes.

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Song of the Day! Satellite Stories – Helsinki Art Scene

Satellite Stories are not apart of the Helsinki Art Scene in Oulu, Finiland

Jump on in! The water feels just fine with these Finnish indie party rockers. That nice familiar feeling that you are getting from Helsinki Art Scene is mostly likely coming from the heavy influence Two Door Cinema Club has on the band. (And if you’re unfamiliar with the fast paced indie dance jams of Two Door Cinema Club you need to go educate yourself now.) Satellite Stories are a four-piece that make songs for your enjoyment and partying, not hidden metaphors and emotional stories for you to waste your time delving into. It is all about getting the most out life with a smile whilst you dance to their upbeat indie rockery. The band released Satellite Stories – Promo EP last november which includes Helsinki Art Scene and two other fun filled tracks, but no word on a full album release yet. However, the band is set to digitally release a new single June 14th so I might just have to come back and vist these guys again then.