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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #2 The English Riviera

Metronomy have turned The English Riviera into a river of melodic dreams.

I can safely say that no band has had a more profound impact on my musical taste this year then the English electropop geniuses of Metronomy. They have given me reason to hold others to higher standards with their incredibly talented electronic music that is just miles above the mainstream. I took one look at The Lookearlier this year, and you better believe that I was absolutely hooked. From there I dug right into the band’s latest album The English Riviera, at that point I became utterly obsessed with it. Such melodies, such rhythm- how moving, how grooving- and above all else emotionally driven by such a wide variety of sounds. It’s just a pleasurable experience to be exposed to the many rich layers Metronomy provides in all their music. You have the breathtaking The Bay, and the daunting and haunting track She Says, or even the surprisingly heart melting Everything Goes My Way. This is the kind of album that I could leave going on repeat in my car for weeks. The English Riviera came close to being my top album of 2011 but will have to settle with a gentleman’s second.

The Look” – Metronomy

The Bay” – Metronomy

She Wants” – Metronomy

Everything Goes My Way” – Metronomy

Metronomy - The English Riviera (click image to buy album)

  1. “The English Riviera” 0:37
  2. We Broke Free“* 4:05
  3. “Everything Goes My Way”* 3:30
  4. “The Look”* 4:37
  5. “She Wants”* 3:51
  6. Trouble“* 4:46
  7. “The Bay”* 4:50
  8. Loving Arm“* 3:31
  9. Corinne“* 3:16
  10. Some Written“* 6:03
  11. Love Underlined“* 5:58
*Notable Tracks

Open and listen to Metronomy’s The English Riviera in Spotify

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Song of the Day! Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Capital Cities help us feel safe and sound from LA, California

Houston, we have lift off. This electro pop foot tapper is ready to take you on a trip high into the atmosphere with its swift banger beats and steady stream of flowing synth. Hands down the best part about Safe and Sound would have to be that sexy sexy trumpet. That horn always comes in at the right moment and does wonders to keep this song fresh and a break from the run-of-the-mill indie electro tracks we encounter in today’s music. Capital Cities aren’t your average musical duo either, so don’t past these guys off as just another unknown because they’re building up quite the following, and rather quickly too. They just dropped their debut EP last week self-titled Capital Cities EP and let’s just say Safe and Sound isn’t the only song that will put some swagger in your step. The guys are nice enough to have the whole EP streaming on Soundcloud so go check it out.

Show Capital Cities some love and head over to their Facebook and give em’ a like!

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Song of the Day! Elephanz – Stereo

Elephanz should be blasting through your stereo from Nantes, France

Elephanz honestly could not have picked a better name for themselves. They have an indie pop sound that’s as a big as an elephant and the perfect replacement of the letter ‘t’ with a ‘z’ so you can pronounce it like they the do in their home country of France. This French four-piece really makes a great first impression on me with their song Stereo. Right out of the gate this one grabs ahold with its wide and catchy array of sounds. I think Elephanz has done something very correct here and should defiantly keep at the game. If the band ever puts out a full debut I’d truly love to give it a listen. So far the band has only released a five track EP called Ideal Roomates and two new singles. One of those singles is Stereo and the other being a new version of their old song Do You Like My Song?. I’ll be nice enough to tell you to take a deep breath before listening to Do You Like My Song as the contents are rather intense.

Head on over to Elephanz Facebook page and give them a like and a listen!


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Song of the Day! The Pass – Vultures

The Pass make elegant electronic enjoyables from Louisville, KY

Hop on this merry-go-round of indietronic sounds and let the groove of the beat envelop and surround you in Vultures. Heavy on the synth, but not over done and add that dance floor calling beat for the perfect combination and result. Songs with this youthful vigor are the norm on the band’s well crafted debut LP BURST, which saw a release back in September of 2010. I would attempt to describe what The Pass is all about but they’ve already done such a good job at describing themselves-

“We currently spend endless nights toying around with synthesizer loops, crafting haunting melodies, and writing deep passionate lyrics that recall long lost loves and hookups on the dance floor. With a basement sound lab that lends itself as much to electric ladyland as it does a preschool nursery there is a neverending quest for a balanced perfection of synthesizer pop and dancefloor psychedelia. Our live show is somewhere between the final act of a three ring circus and a rave in prague.”


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Song of the Day! Clubfeet – Edge of Extremes

Clubfeet is the holy union of five sons of Melbourne, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.

That intro bass line could not work any better for the song Edge of Extremes, and compliments the song’s steady pacing and simple and steady dance beat so well. Only one word truly can describe the overall feel of this laid back ambient track, mellow. Very, very, mellow. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a track that can make you want to dance while at the same time keeping your heart rate so low. The song was originally  released on the band’s debut LP Gold on Gold way back in July of 2010, but is just now getting a Single release of its own. I’m glad the band is still releasing singles from Gold on Gold which is an amazing album from a highly underrated band. According to their description: ”Clubfeet create music for the night time that can also be enjoyed in the day time. ” I’ll keep this in mind for tomorrow during the day but for now I’ll just embrace the night on the Edge of Extremes.