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Song of the Day! Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

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Capital Cities help us feel safe and sound from LA, California

Houston, we have lift off. This electro pop foot tapper is ready to take you on a trip high into the atmosphere with its swift banger beats and steady stream of flowing synth. Hands down the best part about Safe and Sound would have to be that sexy sexy trumpet. That horn always comes in at the right moment and does wonders to keep this song fresh and a break from the run-of-the-mill indie electro tracks we encounter in today’s music. Capital Cities aren’t your average musical duo either, so don’t past these guys off as just another unknown because they’re building up quite the following, and rather quickly too. They just dropped their debut EP last week self-titled Capital Cities EP and let’s just say Safe and Sound isn’t the only song that will put some swagger in your step. The guys are nice enough to have the whole EP streaming on Soundcloud so go check it out.

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One thought on “Song of the Day! Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

  1. Holy shit!!!! Thanx alot…ive been looking for this song for weeks now. the only thing that pops up when i type “safe and sound” is Taylor Swift….This is what i wrote, to fsearch it on google (indi band, witht trompets and safe and sound) LOL!!!

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