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The Dø – [Trustful Hands] + [Sparks]

The Dø - Trustful Hands + Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy

Fantastic French/Finnish freak folk duo The Dø is comprised of Dan Levy & Olivia Merilahti

The Dø – Trustful Hands:

It’s always exciting when your favorite freak folksters of the last 10 years release a new album. Even better when it stands out as a particularly strong addition to their already glorious repertoire. The Dø’s third album Shake Shook Shaken has not seen a world wide release yet, but the majority of the album has made it’s way onto Spotfiy and Soundcloud. All of the early releases are worth listening, but I really wanted to take the time to share the most recent songs that have been unveiled.

Trustful Hands is a laid-back tune that contains everything one might expect, and enjoy, from The Dø. From the always lovely acoustic noodles to the electronic percussion swells, it’s a song that attempts covers all it’s bases. I believe it has done so to much success, as fans old and new should be able to rally around such a whimsicality. It should be noted, however, that they are definitely headed in direction centered more around heavy production and experimentation within the realm of electronic based sounds.

Quite possibly my favorite new track so far, Sparks falls on to the darker and growing electronic side of The Dø’s expansive musical spectrum, and with that darkness comes a formidable intensity that will try to consume you in a desperate cry for introspection. Olivia’s alluring vocals call out in a siren song that you will surly find irresistible. It’s likely that I’d crash my ship into jagged rocks and drown while being captivated by this song.

The Dø – Sparks:  

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Song of the Day! Elephanz – Stereo

Elephanz should be blasting through your stereo from Nantes, France

Elephanz honestly could not have picked a better name for themselves. They have an indie pop sound that’s as a big as an elephant and the perfect replacement of the letter ‘t’ with a ‘z’ so you can pronounce it like they the do in their home country of France. This French four-piece really makes a great first impression on me with their song Stereo. Right out of the gate this one grabs ahold with its wide and catchy array of sounds. I think Elephanz has done something very correct here and should defiantly keep at the game. If the band ever puts out a full debut I’d truly love to give it a listen. So far the band has only released a five track EP called Ideal Roomates and two new singles. One of those singles is Stereo and the other being a new version of their old song Do You Like My Song?. I’ll be nice enough to tell you to take a deep breath before listening to Do You Like My Song as the contents are rather intense.

Head on over to Elephanz Facebook page and give them a like and a listen!