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Song of the Day! Elephanz – Stereo

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Elephanz should be blasting through your stereo from Nantes, France

Elephanz honestly could not have picked a better name for themselves. They have an indie pop sound that’s as a big as an elephant and the perfect replacement of the letter ‘t’ with a ‘z’ so you can pronounce it like they the do in their home country of France. This French four-piece really makes a great first impression on me with their song Stereo. Right out of the gate this one grabs ahold with its wide and catchy array of sounds. I think Elephanz has done something very correct here and should defiantly keep at the game. If the band ever puts out a full debut I’d truly love to give it a listen. So far the band has only released a five track EP called Ideal Roomates and two new singles. One of those singles is Stereo and the other being a new version of their old song Do You Like My Song?. I’ll be nice enough to tell you to take a deep breath before listening to Do You Like My Song as the contents are rather intense.

Head on over to Elephanz Facebook page and give them a like and a listen!


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