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Dappled Cities – [Run With The Wind]

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Dappled Cities

The Australian experimental indie rockers, known as Dappled Cites, are back from hibernation

Dappled Cities – Run With The Wind:

Download Run With The Wind Here (Directly from the band’s Facebook Page)

Almost three painstakingly long years now. That’s how long I have been waiting so patiently for a follow up to Dappled Cities 2009 absolutely astonishing art rock/epic indie pop album Zounds. Now it seems as though my prayers have been answered and the knowledge of a new Dappled Cities album has been bestowed upon me. And not just new album knowledge but a full fledged single has surfaced so my level of excitement is quickly reaching critical mass! Run With The Wind is set to be the first single off the forthcoming album, currently only known as LP 4, and gives us some huge insight as to what to expect this time around. You can still hear the same rich multiple layers of progressive sounds that made Zounds so impressive, and from first listen of Run With The Wind it seems the band is willing to experiment even more with artful distortions and purposeful delays. Those signature falsetto vocals one can so easily match with Dappled Cities have found themselves incorporated once again along side finally crafted lyrics of methodological metaphoric madness. I have never been more ready for a new Dappled Cities album in my life and I eagerly await official news of a release date. Expect to hear more about these guys from me in the near future.

You should show some support and head over to Dappled Cities’ Facebook Page and give them a Like!

Or listen to Dappled Cities on Spotify!

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