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Josef Salvat – [Open Season] + [Shoot and Run]

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Josef Salvat - Open Season + Shoot and Run

Josef Salvat is an Australian artist based out of London

Josef Salvat – Open Season:

Josef Salvat has proven himself more than capable of producing alternative pop music that is tremendously expansive in scope. Last year, he stunned the world with his haunting and wholesome song This Life. Now on his latest single, Open Season, Mr. Salvat seeks to push his creative boundaries to the very brink. This time by the provocation of heart swells and an overwhelming sense of invigoration. Yanking those heartstrings of yours into a steady rhythmic dance of self empowerment.

In fact, Josef Salvat’s entire new In Your Prime – EP echos this sensory entrancement. I’d say you’re quite likely to find yourself captured by the serenity and elation of it all. That’s because there is never a dull moment to be found on this four track slice of delectable experimental pop pie. Just be careful not to drown as you become awash in the overwhelming sultriness of Shoot and Run.

Josef Salvat – Shoot and Run:

Twitter Handle: @josefsalvat
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Josef Salvat

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