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The Holidays - Reel Feel

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Best Albums of 2014 #9.) The Holidays – Real Feel

The Holidays - Reel Feel

released in February 2014 via Liberation

It’s hard to have a care in the world once you find yourself lost in the vibrant world of Real Feel. 2014 direly needed an album with endless feel-good riffs, and The Holidays came forth with an extraordinary solution. Real Feel is a musical journey through a tropical paradise that feels all too real. Track by track, the album takes you on a grand tour of the most remote and gorgeous parts of Oceania.

Yes, this brilliant composition of tunes will literally make you feel like you’re in a whole other hemisphere. The Holidays have indeed created a rich and textured world through their laid back indie rock finesse. Never has something so chill also been this damn exhilarating. It’s a damn shame that these Australian gentlemen don’t get more exposure in the States. Their latest album deserves some serious commemoration for the ten tracks of true sun-soaked bliss contained within.

So whenever you might need an escape from this dreary world…
You can always apparate there in a moments notice with Real Feel!

Favorite Tracks:
Voices Drifting
Japan Window
Simple Pleasures
Long Now
All Time High

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