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Cash for Gold – [Cheerleaders]

Cash For Gold - Cheerleaders

Cash For Gold give us some much needed pop chaos from Melbourne, Australia

Cash For Gold – Cheerleaders:

Get ready for a real crowd pleaser people because Cheerleaders is here to get you pumped up whether you like it or not! Sound the horns and buckle up for this hellish half-time show. Something about this loud and mysteriously catchy tune just reaches out and grabs you, almost as if by sheer force. Cash for Gold, the exciting collaboration of Jack Weaving and Stephen Mowat, is taking you hostage for the duration of this gripping marching tune, and you’re probably going to find yourself accepting this fact rather easily. Soon you’ll be singing along with C-A-S-H-CASH FOR GOLD! The song is what we kids like to call ON POINT, and at every single level to boot! While it may be kind of hard to find much about the duo Cash for Gold at this time, I’d be shocked if people did not start to take notice to the pulse pounding anthem Cheerleaders real soon.

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