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Song of the Day! The Immigrant – Summer of Love (She Said)

The Immigrant help kick off the summer of love from Sydney, Australia

Music Video: The Immigrant – Summer Of Love (She Said)

Dare I say the phrase anthem of the summer? I’d hate to jump the gun with a statement like that but this song is just dripping in raw musical sex appeal. Summer Of Love (She Said) is the perfect electro banger to help make this summer as hot and melty as possible. The overlap of club bass and guitar hook here is impeccable and I could not be more on board with The Immigrant’s indie electronic infusion. The Immigrant help to further prove my theory that the best indie music acts around are coming straight out of Australia. I only wish that I could find more indie electro hits like this one from The Immigrant but it seems that they are a fairly new outfit with very little material out. If they can pull a single like this out of nowhere then you better believe that an EP from these guys has ridiculous amounts of potential. I have no choice but to keep my eyes and ears peeled for news of new material from the The Immigrant. Until then lets make this a summer of love!

Check out The Immigrant’s website at which serves as a central hub for the band’s social media interactions. Hit them up on Facebook or Twitter and give them a Like and a Follow.

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Song of the Day! Clubfeet – Edge of Extremes

Clubfeet is the holy union of five sons of Melbourne, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.

That intro bass line could not work any better for the song Edge of Extremes, and compliments the song’s steady pacing and simple and steady dance beat so well. Only one word truly can describe the overall feel of this laid back ambient track, mellow. Very, very, mellow. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with a track that can make you want to dance while at the same time keeping your heart rate so low. The song was originally  released on the band’s debut LP Gold on Gold way back in July of 2010, but is just now getting a Single release of its own. I’m glad the band is still releasing singles from Gold on Gold which is an amazing album from a highly underrated band. According to their description: ”Clubfeet create music for the night time that can also be enjoyed in the day time. ” I’ll keep this in mind for tomorrow during the day but for now I’ll just embrace the night on the Edge of Extremes.

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Song of the Day! Strange Talk – Climbing Walls

Strange Talk are climbing walls in Melbourne, Australia

Indie Synth-pop just holds this special place in my heart so any song that exemplifies the genre sparks my interest. Climbing Walls has that very upbeat electro backbone that supports so well the good time notion the song tries so hard to portray. For some reason I want to draw comparisons to the Klaxons or maybe Penguin Prison, but Strange Talk has enough going on for them we can leave these other artist back home and focus on the unique blend of electronic and pop these guys deliver so well. Strange Talk have been hard at work all 2010 putting together an EP for the public. Well now their work has payed off and just earlier this week the EP saw its release in the band’s home country of Australia. Unfortunately the EP won’t see a US/UK release until April 25th, so until then you can catch most of the Strange Talk EP streaming on soundcloud and/or youtube.