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Song of the Day! Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy


Sleeper Agent formed stateside in Bowling Green, KY

This song jumped out as something special to me at first listen. This is true rambunctious indie rock at its finest. I’m so on board for the anthematic loud singing style of Sleeper Agent’s gorgeous female vocalist Alex “Kidd” Kandel. It somewhat reminds me of the female loud and proud style of Ida Maria. I love that these guys (and gal) know how to shake things up and the music seemingly drops on a dime in what I would call a “Dead Weather Crescendo.” Refer to this video of Treat Me Like Your Mother if you do not already understand what I mean.

Overall the band Sleeper Agent has caused enough excitement in me to want more, but sadly they have not released a full album. According their Facebook page they will be releasing their debut album Celabrasion this coming August. Sleeper Agent have been touring with Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant earlier this year and will continue on with more tour dates from 5/27 to 6/7. Now those dates may not seem important to you but they sure have meaning to me. I planned on attending the Manchester Orchestra and Cage the Elephant show on 5/25, two days prior to Sleeper Agent jumping back in. It’s too bad, these guys seem like they’d put on a hell of a show.

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day! Sleeper Agent – Get It Daddy

  1. Sleeper agent has been touring since 3/31 with cage the elephant i actualy saw them where i got their sampler and a pre order for the album which came with an early access download to the entire album. the album is titled “celebrasion” but i will not give the release date because last time i did they got mad

    • I saw that they have been touring with Cage the Elephant for a while now just sad the they take a break when I’m going to see them. And thank you for letting me know the album name.

  2. Love this song:) I bought the album off Amazon for $5!! I was so excited…I must share this with everyone!!

  3. I nominate “Doorway” by Civil Twilight for the next ‘Song of the Day’! You can get it for free on Facebook:)

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