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Superhumanoids – [Come Say Hello]

Superhumanoids - Exhibitionist

LA electropop darlings Superhumanoids have returned

Superhumanoids – Come Say Hello:

Superhumanoids’ entrancing signature sound takes the form of heart thumping electronic bliss with Come Say Hello. It always takes something extraordinary to pull me from the depths of my musical mineshaft and this dazzling gem is more than enough to accomplish the feat. I’m seeking the world’s help because I’m drowning in this breathtaking track’s majesty. Three solid minutes of suffocating under the richest layers of velvet with no escape in sight. I’ll easily give up all the air in my lungs just to experience the asphyxiation that Superhumanoids give to me with this promising release.

Twitter Handle: @superhumanoids
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Superhumanoids – [Geri]


L.A band Superhumanoids make "music to help kiss the doldrums away"

Superhumanoids – Geri:

Come. Enter. Walk through the glowing dream-like doorway that Superhumanoids provide for us with their overtly enticing music. Throw-back synths and hauntingly docile vocals come together for the prefect blend of dreamy indie pop. The band’s latest track Geri had me hook, line, and sinker from the very first listen. Every aspect of this song compliments itself leaving me to find only perfection and zero faults. The only thing I might have to complain about is that the weaving musical dreamscape that makes up Geri is only a little more then two minutes long. I would love to hear something so magical and moving for a more extended period of time, but I guess a little slice of heaven is better then none. I’ve become terribly excited for Superhumanoids upcoming LP Exhibitionists even though there is no release date in sight. I’m sure all the patience in the world is worth what these dream makers have in store for us on a full album debut.

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