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Saint Motel – [Puzzle Pieces] + [At Least I have Nothing]


Saint Motel

Saint Motel bring us their explosive indie pop from Los Angeles, California

Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Talk about feel good music! Saint Motel take excitement and crank it way up the dial to maximum joy. Their music is apparently described has hard pop and progressive indie, and regardless of what those genres really mean I am 100% sold. Personally I’m all about that indie rock that can force me to smile and move along, but I can assure you that Saint Motel can most definitely do both of those things to me. Puzzle Pieces makes me smile within seconds with that addicting and lovely piano loop. Just as soon as my smile fully forms the song jumps right into those wonderful steel guitars that cause my toes to twitch. Now with a huge grin upon my face, and a steady tapping of my left foot going, I’m then forced to sing along to that ridiculously catchy chorus line. The way I describe listening to this song may sound something like being possessed by a dancing ghost, but I openly welcome that musical phantom if its in the form of Saint Motel’s joyous mood elevating melodies. I can’t recommend enough looking more into these guys and I’m sure news of their new album is just around the corner.

BONUS TRACK: Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

Make sure to go and check out Saint Motel’s Facebook Page and give them a like! Great resource if your interested in more about tour dates and general news.

Or check out Saint Motel on Spotify!


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