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Song of the Day! Films of Colour – Capital

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Films of Colour - Capital

London based Films of Colour will surely make some Capital off a tune as good as this.

Wow. I am absolutely blown away by this track. The song Capital is like falling down an indie rock Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole with its intense and overwhelming mixture of synth and guitar. Just has you feel like this track is throwing you about carelessly the amazing vocals of lead singer Andy Clutterbuck come in to level everything out. I’ll say it again, Wow. Just simply amazing delivery of the lyrics, almost sounds like Chris Martin from Coldplay. I don’t know why but I feel so much more connected with this song with each successive listen. I really wish Films of Colour had an album I could pick up, but so far the just have A and B side singles. That just means this is a band to watch and very closely at that. After looking into Films of Colour I can assume that the band is in due process of recording a real LP or EP. To say the least I’m pretty stoked to hear more. You can hear 6 great tracks, including an amazing acoustic version of Capital, on Soundcloud right here.

These guys are up and coming and need your Likes! Head on over to Films of Colour’s Facebook Page to show your support.

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