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Song of the Day! AWOLNATION – Guilty Filthy Soul

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AWOLNATION - Guilty Filthy Soul

AWOLNATION thinks you have a Guilty Filthy Soul.

Ok, so I’m sure by now you’ve had your encounter with AWOLNATION’s increasingly popular track Sail, but I’m also sure that the exposure stops there. AWOLNATION is much more then a one hit wonder and is the solo project of talented American Aaron Bruno. AWOLNATION successfully captures a unique style of Alternative rock that makes you want to do a double take. The band’s debut album Megalithic Symphony is full of catchy tracks that are both up and down the spectrum of rock and sanity. This is where we find the wonderful track Guilty Filthy Soul delivered in a sing-yell style similar to Sail, albeit a bit tamer. All the same musical appeal, but in a pill that I think more people can swallow. I’ll admit that i’m not quite all in for AWOLNATION, but the dude writes catchy indie rock that just bleeds passion so I’m helpless not to fall for it. I’m really just looking for something new to get hooked onto so I can stop randomly wanting to shout SAIL!

Sail on over to AWOLNATION’s Facebook page and give them a Like!

One thought on “Song of the Day! AWOLNATION – Guilty Filthy Soul

  1. Great review! Keep listening to them and you’ll be hooked!

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