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Song of the Day! Kasabian – Pistols At Dawn

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Kasabian - Pistols At Dawn

Kasabian are just about ready to drop their 4th album, Velociraptor! from the UK

The UK alternative rock titans Kasabian are just weeks away from the September 19th release date of their 4th studio album, Velociraptor! and what does the band go and do? They decide now’s a good to time to drop some B-sides that won’t be present on the upcoming album. So yes, the song Pistols At Dawn won’t be present on their new album but that does not change the fact that this song rocks! If Kasabian produced this quality of song and then said, “Meh this isn’t up to par with our new album’s standards.” What could the world possibly be in store for with Velociraptor!? I mean Kasabian is one of the hugest band’s in the world right? (outside the United States at least) So they know whatever they do has got to be better then great. If you want to hear the first taste of Velociraptor! then I suggest you check out the song Switchblade Smiles.

Piecing together Pistols At Dawn and Switchblade Smiles I can take a good assumption that Kasabian are going back to the electro rock roots of their first two albums, but at the same time keeping the amazing sound they had mastered on West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum. What I truly want to see happen is Kasabian gain a huge fan base in the states so that they’d be more inclined to come tour here. This might help a bit but I find it ironic for a band that sees little attention in American music and media to be playing a special September 11th Memorial Concert in NYC. It’s kinda like Elton John putting on a show in memory of Pearl Harbor.

Head over to Kasabian’s Facebook page for more news about their upcoming album and tour dates. Also don’t forget to give them a Like!

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