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FKA Twigs - LP1

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Best Albums of 2014 #10.) FKA twigs – LP1

FKA Twigs - LP1

released in August 2014 via Young Turks

Nothing in the world could have prepared me for the intensity this album evoked from within. The magic of LP1 creeps over you slowly as it strangles your senses one by one. FKA twigs will envelop you in this living breathing monster she has created in a fashion similar to Dr. Frakenstien, grafting together various alternative genres that suit the situation. Like a surgeon makes exceptionally precise cuts and intelligent decisions with her tools, so does FKA twigs with all the artistic choices she exercises.

Enticing, exciting, and addicting… LP1 can be quite dangerous to fool around with if one does not prepare themselves properly. Try to remember these simple facts and stay calm:

1. This album is “for real”.
2. FKA twigs is of the human species and not some sort of ultra powerful angelic being.
3. Space-time is indeed still in tact and all this genre bending has not broken the universe.
4. FKA twigs is still criminally underrated, but you can help to change that!

I guarantee 2015 is going to be chalk full of FKA twigs wannabees just trying to channel even sliver of the enriching sound she has birthed. Without any acknowledgment to their true influence, there will also be a grand shift in style by artists of all walks of life. A dissemination, if you will, of freedom to tear down boundaries in music that have no obligation of being there.

So for the massive creative bombshell that is coming our way…
I’m truly thankful to FKA twigs.

Favorite Tracks:
Lights On
Give Up
Two Weeks

Twitter Handle: @FKAtwigs
Facebook Page:
Spotify:  FKA twigs


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BØRNS – [10,000 Emerald Pools]

BØRNS - 10,000 Emerald Pools

L.A based indie rocker BØRNS originated from south Michigan 

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools:

Folk-pop act BØRNS has erupted onto the music scene with a true indie gem that satiates the senses on all levels. There is an immediate and undeniable allure to the causal coastal sound of 10,000 Emerald Pools. Is there any better way to transition into fall than a song that compels you to hit the road with all the windows down for a spontaneous oceanic adventure?

So turn up the volume to max and toggle your cruise control to carefree. The world around you should slowly begin to melt as the tides from 10,000 Emerald Pools roll in. Enjoy becoming slowly submerged in all the feel good waves this nautical jam has to offer.

According to various sources, BØRNS will begin a tour across the United States this fall. I really hope I’m able to make it out of my Mineshaft to see this talented gentleman.

Twitter Handle: @bornsmusic
Facebook Page:
Spotify:  BØRNS

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INTERVIEW: Dominique – [It’s Only You]

Dominique - It's Only You

Introducing Dominique, an up and coming poptress of the NYC scene

DOMINIQUE – It’s Only You:

I’m not quite sure if there are enough superlatives to describe the majesticness that Dominique brings to the table. Which for starters is distinguished, yet simple pop music that lacerates the soul. A combination of raw talent and a solid grasp of the fundamentals of pop shall enable her to be enamored by and woo the world with ease. Just you wait and see!

To me, It’s Only You provokes the ghost of a past lover who can’t help but to haunt you. The fragments of whom remain vivid in the mind and still jab at the heart. Dominique’s voice is an ethereal beauty that manifests itself as a collection of reminiscences.  The story may be simple, and we very well may have heard it many times before, but that could never take away from the intrinsic magnificence she brings to this tale. All of this mixed perfectly with lolling beats and an array whimsical tones to achieve wonderful results.

The truth is some people are destined for greatest, and I just happen to believe Dominique is one of them. Which means we are most definitely in store for something truly magical with the impending release of her upcoming EP Chains. No doubt a mixture of excitement and impatience shall plague me until it becomes available for auditory pleasure.

I’m overly delighted and grateful that The Sifting Pan was able to ask Dominique a few questions about her aspiring music career as a pop star. Thanks again for sharing with us!

How long ago did you decide that you wanted to jump into the crazy world of pop music?

 I used to write and perform a little in high school, but I stopped for a few years. I started back up almost a year ago.

Was there something particular that finally pushed you in this direction?

I didn’t choose the pop life, the pop life chose me.

No, but really, I always tend to write pop music whether I’m trying to or not.  Pop fascinates me. I’m obsessed with analyzing the melody lines and production of popular music every time I listen to it, and I think this affects me when I sit down to write a song.

Can you share some of your inspirations for writing It’s Only You and your upcoming Chains E.P.?

I was going through a heartbreak, obsessing over lost love. I wanted Chains to tell my story of that. 

Is there any new music out there you just can’t get enough of at the moment?

I’m really crazy about that song “Hideaway” that HANAH just put out. I also LOVE Laleh’s new EP.

Finally, if you could collaborate with any other artist on future projects who would you want that to be?

I have always really wanted to work with Charli XCX. She is such a talented songwriter and has been a huge inspiration to me. 

Thank you, once again, Dominique  for taking the time to share with The Sifting Pan!

If Dominique continues to create such stellar pop songs, a Charli XCX collaboration may very well become a reality. One that I would personally love to see come to true fruition.

Twitter Handle: @dom_n_que
Facebook Page:

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Josef Salvat – [Open Season] + [Shoot and Run]

Josef Salvat - Open Season + Shoot and Run

Josef Salvat is an Australian artist based out of London

Josef Salvat – Open Season:

Josef Salvat has proven himself more than capable of producing alternative pop music that is tremendously expansive in scope. Last year, he stunned the world with his haunting and wholesome song This Life. Now on his latest single, Open Season, Mr. Salvat seeks to push his creative boundaries to the very brink. This time by the provocation of heart swells and an overwhelming sense of invigoration. Yanking those heartstrings of yours into a steady rhythmic dance of self empowerment.

In fact, Josef Salvat’s entire new In Your Prime – EP echos this sensory entrancement. I’d say you’re quite likely to find yourself captured by the serenity and elation of it all. That’s because there is never a dull moment to be found on this four track slice of delectable experimental pop pie. Just be careful not to drown as you become awash in the overwhelming sultriness of Shoot and Run.

Josef Salvat – Shoot and Run:

Twitter Handle: @josefsalvat
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Josef Salvat

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Bombay Bicycle Club – [Luna] + [Carry Me]

Bombay Bicycle Club - [Luna] + [Carry Me]

London based indie rockers, Bombay Bicycle Club, kick off album number four with Luna and Carry Me

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna:

I’ll come clean from the start by saying that I enjoy just about everything Bombay Bicycle Club releases. That being said, their latest song Luna is so majestic and full of life that anyone should be able find its expansive embrace uplifting. Have a listen and be taken on a night time escapade through the wonderfully rich indie rock that Bombay Bicycle Club are known for crafting so damn well. This song has the effect of making my heart sink and swell in awe at the pleasant tone it emanates. Luna is indeed a wonderful sign of what’s to come on the new album.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is the name of Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth, and coming, album. It will be released via Island Records on February 3rd this year. The anticipated album is comprised of ten tracks and features some delightful artwork that might be a reason alone to buy it.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

If you have not heard Carry Me, the first single off of So Long, See You Tomorrow, then you are truly missing out. Just as wholesome as Luna, but much more so in the way of electronic blips and beeps that are quite mellowing. It is a wonderful tune that I’m sure to listen to, and share, for years to come. Then again, I’m sure the whole album will be full of songs that will haunt me in a similar fashion.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me:

If you want to learn more about the band and keep up with what they’re doing you can always like them on their Facebook page.

Perhaps you would even like to follow them on Twitter @BombayBicycle.

Or listen to Bombay Bicycle Club on Spotify!