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Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow

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Best Albums of 2014 #2.) Bombay Bicycle Club – So Long, See You Tomorrow

Bombay Bicycle Club - So Long, See You Tomorrow

released in February 2014 via Island Records (UK)/Vagrant Records (US)

Here’s where predisposition starts entering the mix of things. Since their 2007 debut, Bombay Bicycle Club has solidified itself as my favorite band in all of existence. So for them to have a nice and safe spot in my top 3 is hopefully not too surprising. Heck, even if I got over my personal bias this album would still probably be in my top 10! Listening to So Long, See You Tomorrow was like falling in love with the band all over again. Their latest album is a rich and symphonic experience that tantalizes the senses into a frenzy that leaves behind little room for disappointment.

My favorite English indie rockers have shown to the world once again the insane amount of growth that can achieved in one album’s time. Doing so this time by showing off how the many of different cultures of the world that have made such a profound impact on them. Bombay Bicycle Club definitely understand the importance of learning about a culture if your going to appropriate its distinct sound. They are not shy at all for accrediting their new direction to the beautiful countries they have spent the last couple years traveling and learning so much about.

A simple test to see if So Long, See You Tomorrow is the kind of vibe you can get down to is by giving the exhilarating track Feel a go. You’re either with Bombay Bicycle Club or… oh well I guess it’s your loss!

Favorite Tracks:
Carry Me
Whenever, Wherever
It's Alright Now

Twitter Handle: @BombayBicycle
Facebook Page:
Spotify: Bombay Bicycle Club

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Bombay Bicycle Club – [Luna] + [Carry Me]

Bombay Bicycle Club - [Luna] + [Carry Me]

London based indie rockers, Bombay Bicycle Club, kick off album number four with Luna and Carry Me

Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna:

I’ll come clean from the start by saying that I enjoy just about everything Bombay Bicycle Club releases. That being said, their latest song Luna is so majestic and full of life that anyone should be able find its expansive embrace uplifting. Have a listen and be taken on a night time escapade through the wonderfully rich indie rock that Bombay Bicycle Club are known for crafting so damn well. This song has the effect of making my heart sink and swell in awe at the pleasant tone it emanates. Luna is indeed a wonderful sign of what’s to come on the new album.

So Long, See You Tomorrow is the name of Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth, and coming, album. It will be released via Island Records on February 3rd this year. The anticipated album is comprised of ten tracks and features some delightful artwork that might be a reason alone to buy it.

So Long, See You Tomorrow

If you have not heard Carry Me, the first single off of So Long, See You Tomorrow, then you are truly missing out. Just as wholesome as Luna, but much more so in the way of electronic blips and beeps that are quite mellowing. It is a wonderful tune that I’m sure to listen to, and share, for years to come. Then again, I’m sure the whole album will be full of songs that will haunt me in a similar fashion.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Carry Me:

If you want to learn more about the band and keep up with what they’re doing you can always like them on their Facebook page.

Perhaps you would even like to follow them on Twitter @BombayBicycle.

Or listen to Bombay Bicycle Club on Spotify!

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Top 10 Albums of 2011! #1 A Different Kind of Fix

Bombay Bicycle Club offer us A Different Kind of Fix. I can't seem to get enough.

 Words simply can not describe how much I enjoy A Different Kind of Fix. So I’ll just let the highlights of my favorite album of 2011 do all the talking. 

How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Bad Timing” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Lights Out, Words Gone” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Shuffle” – Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix (click image to buy album)

  1. “How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep”* 3:30
  2. “Bad Timing”* 3:34
  3. “Your Eyes”* 5:21
  4. “Lights Out, Words Gone”* 5:01
  5. “Take The Right One” 3:36
  6. “Shuffle”* 3:54
  7. “Beggars”* 4:12
  8. “Leave It”* 3:54
  9. “Fracture” 4:04
  10. “What You Want”* 4:20
  11. “Favourite Day”* 4:57
  12. “Still” 4:25
  13. “Beg (Bonus track)* 3:52
Notable Tracks*

Open and listen to Bombay Bicycle Club’s A Different Kind Of Fix in Spotify


Song of the Day! Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone

Bombay Bicycle Club - A Different Kind of Fix

Bombay Bicycle Club have released their spectacular 3rd album, A Different Kind of Fix.

I love Bombay Bicycle Cub. Period. In fact why summarize anything when I could leave you with just this simple statement and song. But I guess it couldn’t hurt to go into detail about how spot on A Different Kind of Fix is. It over joys me to see the band return to the electric rhythms of their debut album I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the band’s acoustic 2nd album Flaws, but when I listen to Bombay Bicycle Club I like it loud, fast, and plugged in. I should note that elements of Flaws are present on A Different Kind of Fix but do so infused with the band’s electric stylings (See Beggars).

Then we reach the songs that shine above the others. Like, if youhave not heard the lead single Shuffle from the new album you need to go check it out right now. However, if you’re here then I assume you are already familiar with Shuffle and want more BBC. That’s where the ridiculously laid-back and catchy track Lights Out, Words Gone comes in. I mean if you had clicked play on the track right way then by the time you’ve read down to here you should have had the self realization this track is something else. Soft yet bold. Swift but gentle. This song defies music generalizations. This one has seen the repeat button many times in the last week.

Lights Out, Words Gone is just the tip of the ice burg that is A Different Kind of Fix. They only way you’ll be able to know for yourself is by finding a copy of your own. Good luck to those wanting to get their hands on one soon outside the UK since they have only released it within the UK. I have my deluxe edition of A Different Kind of Fix ordered and on its way from the UK right now. I can not wait to hold in my hands a physical CD of my favorite album so far in 2011.

Also it’s definitely worth mentioning that Bombay Bicycle Club are holding a contest to see who can make the best music video for Lights Out, Words Gone. I would love to take this on but I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do this song justice. Contest:

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Song of the Day! Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle

Bombay Bicycle Club shuffle things up from Crouch End, London, England

If someone were to ask me who is my favorite band above all others I would simply reply Bombay Bicycle Club. This little indie rock band from London has stolen my heart since the release of their single How Are You back in 2007. Finaly 2009 saw the release of their debut album I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose which held a place above all other music released that year and to this day has to be the greatest album to ever grace my ears. With perfect singles like Dust On the Ground and Always Like This it was an album impossible not to fall in love with.

So as you can probably already tell I got pretty damn excited when I heard the news that they would be releasing a new album August 29th called A Different Kind Of Fix. The first taste of the their third studio album is their newest single Shuffle. I could not of asked for anything greater from Bombay Bicycle Club because Shuffle is everything one could ask for in a BBC song. Intriguing piano to lure you in and then a swift beat with take off of melodic guitars all topped off with beautiful vocals that just beg you to sing along. Ok, so maybe I’m digging a little deep into the song but it’s really hard not to when your favorite band releases such amazing new material. I haven’t heard such an wonderful single from Bombay Bicycle Club since the release of the song How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep, which was written for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse Official Soundtrack. Yeah I know *bleh* Twilight but the song stands miles away on it’s own from the rest the indie BS on the soundtrack and is a work of musical genius in my highly biased opinion.

A Different Kind Of Fix now tops my list of most anticipated albums yet to be released in 2011 and Shuffle might soon take the spot of most played song in my Itunes due to being played over and over again as I eagerly await their fall release. My only wish is that Bombay Bicycle Club breakthrough in the United States because I’m tired of being the only person I know who is aware of this magical band. Then again if they remain popular solely in the UK I can live with them being Britain’s best kept indie rock secret, and mine.