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FMLYBND – [Forever] + [Electricity]

FMLYBND - Forever + Electricity

FMLYBND bring us wholesome synthpop laden with indie rock

FMLYBND – Forever:

Something sweet sounding is filling the air with carefree vibes and poppy tones. These deliciously fresh sounds are the product of six piece California natives FMLYBND. Based out of Isla Vista, the band already has a solid foundation of support for their music – all of their family and friends. It truly is nice to see a band hold such regard for family values intrinsically, and to still be able to make such damn good music.

Their latest single Forever is an anthem of youthful vigor. Completely jam packed full of energy at times, yet never seems to be overwhelming or chaotic. Perhaps the song is best fit for a sunny day adventure where the only restrictions are the shoes on your feet and the friends you bring along to share the moment. Being more than just a run-of-the-mill track, Forever is the pure bliss of happy days passed and all the amazing memories that are still to come.

WARNING! Listening to Electricity will cause rapid spasms of rhythmic movement in your legs. Not only that but your brain will be fried by the overwhelming catchiness of that synth hook. So good luck accomplishing anything productive when all you want to do is whistle that damn synth! I’m serious when I say Electricity is criminally good and we should hold FMLYBND accountable for their actions. When they make music this good you are left with simply no choice but to buy their debut Gold EP, which will see a release next week on the 27th of September. I cannot wait to abuse my brain by exposing it to such infectious tunes.

FMLYBND – Electricity: 

Of course FMLYBND has a Facebook Page where you can show your support for them.

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First Rate People – [Dark Age] + [Funny Games]

First Rate People - Dark Age + Funny Games

First Rate People are a delightfully massive indie pop group from Canada

First Rate People – Dark Age:

Despite its name, the song Dark Age has absolutely nothing dark about it. While at first It might seem a bit recluse, soon this enticing tune will beckon you inward with a vibrant build up that is well worth the investment. Once the synth kicks in everything just takes off in full fantastical form. Simply put, this song is Indie Pop at its finest my friends. After two minutes of wonderful bursts of energy and passion the song culminates into two minutes of gentle vocals and acoustic sound. Somehow on this gentle exit they still manage to keep my attention with bated breath. 

First Rate People have that certain charm and tenacity it takes to make something of oneself. With poignant lyrics that pull at your heart strings and the artful blending of a variety of genres, its hard not to think these guys (and gals) are going to make something of themselves. Everything about First Rate People is impressive and so is pretty much every track they have released to the public. By the way did I mention they are all available for free at First Rate People’s

Girls’ Night used to be my favorite track by First Rate People but I’m pretty sure now Funny Games has far surpassed it. Try not to be engulfed in the boisterous beats and overwhelming production value it has to offer. The track may be from last year but it’s still as fresh as ever right now and damn it I still have the urge to listen to it all the time.

First Rate People – Funny Games: MP3 Download via

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Joywave – [Tongues (feat. KOPPS)] + [Dying Well]

Joywave - Tounges (feat. Kopps) + Dying Well

Joywave bring us their ambitious electronic indie pop  from Rochester, NY

Joywave – Tongues (feat. KOPPS):

Just try to get away from this one. You cannot; you simply won’t be able to escape its rhythmic clutches. Within the first ten seconds of Tongues you will find yourself lassoed into that enticing beat and the wonderfully addictive hook preformed by KOPPS. In what might very well be the fastest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, you’ll find that you want to see more of your attention captor and will feel bad for not paying them enough mind in the past. You’ll submit yourself to many more listens of this infectious tune, whether your sanity needs it or not. This could probably go without saying but Tongues is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of 2013. I just can’t get enough of everything this song has to offer, and I’m not quite sure I ever will.

Joywave just have a knack for proper artistic arrangement it seems. It’s hard to find a composition these guys have made that is not at least intriguing to some degree. The band’s newest release is no exception from the quality one might come to expect from the Rochester, NY based indie electropop group. Their latest mixtape, aptly named 88888, continues the tradition of intrigue and cultivation that Joywave have shown such capacity for in the past.

Download the full “88888” Mixtape free directly from Joywave

88888 is an unparalleled adventure through an electropop world that is chock-full of finesse and rich texture. Joywave put so much attention into the finer details that everything on the mixtape has its dignified place and purpose. This leaves the listener with little room to question what is happening to them as their swept up in the invigorating experience. Track by track you will find yourself treated to prolific and intrepid sounds that highlight what I can’t help but to feel is progress made in music, namely electropop, this side of the 2010 decade. 

Dying Well is just one of the many entrancing tracks that caught my attention on 88888. What starts off as ethereal and almost weightless becomes solid and heavy as an upright bass line kicks in followed by the call of a solo brass. If film noir was ever condensed into song form, this just might be it. Dying Well does an amazing job of highlighting the depth and range Joywave can manage to put in just a single track.

Joywave – Dying Well:

Joywave’s Facebook Page is right on the other side of that link. I’m sure a Like on your behalf would be much appreciated by the gents!

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88888 (2013):

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Superhumanoids – [Geri]


L.A band Superhumanoids make "music to help kiss the doldrums away"

Superhumanoids – Geri:

Come. Enter. Walk through the glowing dream-like doorway that Superhumanoids provide for us with their overtly enticing music. Throw-back synths and hauntingly docile vocals come together for the prefect blend of dreamy indie pop. The band’s latest track Geri had me hook, line, and sinker from the very first listen. Every aspect of this song compliments itself leaving me to find only perfection and zero faults. The only thing I might have to complain about is that the weaving musical dreamscape that makes up Geri is only a little more then two minutes long. I would love to hear something so magical and moving for a more extended period of time, but I guess a little slice of heaven is better then none. I’ve become terribly excited for Superhumanoids upcoming LP Exhibitionists even though there is no release date in sight. I’m sure all the patience in the world is worth what these dream makers have in store for us on a full album debut.

You should show your support and head on over to Superhumanoids’ Facebook Page and give them a Like!


Saint Motel – [Puzzle Pieces] + [At Least I have Nothing]

Saint Motel

Saint Motel bring us their explosive indie pop from Los Angeles, California

Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces

Talk about feel good music! Saint Motel take excitement and crank it way up the dial to maximum joy. Their music is apparently described has hard pop and progressive indie, and regardless of what those genres really mean I am 100% sold. Personally I’m all about that indie rock that can force me to smile and move along, but I can assure you that Saint Motel can most definitely do both of those things to me. Puzzle Pieces makes me smile within seconds with that addicting and lovely piano loop. Just as soon as my smile fully forms the song jumps right into those wonderful steel guitars that cause my toes to twitch. Now with a huge grin upon my face, and a steady tapping of my left foot going, I’m then forced to sing along to that ridiculously catchy chorus line. The way I describe listening to this song may sound something like being possessed by a dancing ghost, but I openly welcome that musical phantom if its in the form of Saint Motel’s joyous mood elevating melodies. I can’t recommend enough looking more into these guys and I’m sure news of their new album is just around the corner.

BONUS TRACK: Saint Motel – At Least I Have Nothing

Make sure to go and check out Saint Motel’s Facebook Page and give them a like! Great resource if your interested in more about tour dates and general news.

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