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Song of the Day! Cults – Never Heal Myself

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Cults sunny and lo-fi pop comes from California

Ok, so I’m sure everyone is already very familiar with Cults song Go Outside by now, but how about the rest of the album? Cults released their self-titled album Cults earlier this month to a world ready to embrace xylophones and whimsical lo-fi vocals alike. The album carries on all the charm of Go Outside and more with a pretty much flawless track-listing. To highlight just one that stands out I’d have to give praise to the song Never Heal Myself. Again we find ourselves lured in and entranced by a simple percussion line of notes played on the xylophones. This time we get a taste of Cults back up guitars which lay over perfectly on top lead singer Madeline Follin’s delicate vocals. Cults simple throwback indie pop is what makes the band so special in my opinion. No band out there right now posses a sound quite like this (Ignore Best Coast) and for that I salute them. Cults have the summer time feel good indie lo-fi on lockdown and we have no choice but to bite and like.

Head over to Cults Facebook page and give them a like. What reason could you have not to?

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