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Song of the Day! Walk The Moon – Anna Sun


Walk The Moon rattle this house apart from Cincinnati, Ohio

Music Video: Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

The amount of passion Walk The Moon puts into their music is just so immense. You can hear this dedicated intensity in their single Anna Sun. What starts off as a slow ballad of calling out quickly turns into a full-on indie rock dance scene, complete with a Keytar and everything! This song entrances my imagination and makes me want to go out and celebrate being alive with a smile, and any band that can do that has me sold. Walk The Moon independently put out their debut album I Want! I Want! last November and have expressed intentions of putting out another record soon. From what I’ve listened to from I Want! I Want! I can tell you its full of a variety of different song pacing, but the major reoccurring theme you can look forward to is beautiful synth driven dance rock. Believe me when I tell you Walk The Moon is pretty much my favorite discovery this month.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day! Walk The Moon – Anna Sun

  1. Really nice review, but I don’t think the picture is Walk the Moon. I know the drummer very well.
    His mom

    • Well i’m going to with your judgement over mine on this one and I replaced the photo with one I think we can agree is Walk The Moon. Sorry about the wrong picture, I got it from photobucket and it was titled with the band’s name and it kind of resembled them. Thank you for the heads up.

      • Better, thanks! But, I think you can do one even better. Eli Maiman is the guitarist. He’s got a beard. Drummer’s mom

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