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Cash for Gold – [Cheerleaders]

Cash For Gold - Cheerleaders

Cash For Gold give us some much needed pop chaos from Melbourne, Australia

Cash For Gold – Cheerleaders:

Get ready for a real crowd pleaser people because Cheerleaders is here to get you pumped up whether you like it or not! Sound the horns and buckle up for this hellish half-time show. Something about this loud and mysteriously catchy tune just reaches out and grabs you, almost as if by sheer force. Cash for Gold, the exciting collaboration of Jack Weaving and Stephen Mowat, is taking you hostage for the duration of this gripping marching tune, and you’re probably going to find yourself accepting this fact rather easily. Soon you’ll be singing along with C-A-S-H-CASH FOR GOLD! The song is what we kids like to call ON POINT, and at every single level to boot! While it may be kind of hard to find much about the duo Cash for Gold at this time, I’d be shocked if people did not start to take notice to the pulse pounding anthem Cheerleaders real soon.

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First Rate People – [Dark Age] + [Funny Games]

First Rate People - Dark Age + Funny Games

First Rate People are a delightfully massive indie pop group from Canada

First Rate People – Dark Age:

Despite its name, the song Dark Age has absolutely nothing dark about it. While at first It might seem a bit recluse, soon this enticing tune will beckon you inward with a vibrant build up that is well worth the investment. Once the synth kicks in everything just takes off in full fantastical form. Simply put, this song is Indie Pop at its finest my friends. After two minutes of wonderful bursts of energy and passion the song culminates into two minutes of gentle vocals and acoustic sound. Somehow on this gentle exit they still manage to keep my attention with bated breath. 

First Rate People have that certain charm and tenacity it takes to make something of oneself. With poignant lyrics that pull at your heart strings and the artful blending of a variety of genres, its hard not to think these guys (and gals) are going to make something of themselves. Everything about First Rate People is impressive and so is pretty much every track they have released to the public. By the way did I mention they are all available for free at First Rate People’s

Girls’ Night used to be my favorite track by First Rate People but I’m pretty sure now Funny Games has far surpassed it. Try not to be engulfed in the boisterous beats and overwhelming production value it has to offer. The track may be from last year but it’s still as fresh as ever right now and damn it I still have the urge to listen to it all the time.

First Rate People – Funny Games: MP3 Download via

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Joywave – [Tongues (feat. KOPPS)] + [Dying Well]

Joywave - Tounges (feat. Kopps) + Dying Well

Joywave bring us their ambitious electronic indie pop  from Rochester, NY

Joywave – Tongues (feat. KOPPS):

Just try to get away from this one. You cannot; you simply won’t be able to escape its rhythmic clutches. Within the first ten seconds of Tongues you will find yourself lassoed into that enticing beat and the wonderfully addictive hook preformed by KOPPS. In what might very well be the fastest case of Stockholm syndrome ever, you’ll find that you want to see more of your attention captor and will feel bad for not paying them enough mind in the past. You’ll submit yourself to many more listens of this infectious tune, whether your sanity needs it or not. This could probably go without saying but Tongues is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of 2013. I just can’t get enough of everything this song has to offer, and I’m not quite sure I ever will.

Joywave just have a knack for proper artistic arrangement it seems. It’s hard to find a composition these guys have made that is not at least intriguing to some degree. The band’s newest release is no exception from the quality one might come to expect from the Rochester, NY based indie electropop group. Their latest mixtape, aptly named 88888, continues the tradition of intrigue and cultivation that Joywave have shown such capacity for in the past.

Download the full “88888” Mixtape free directly from Joywave

88888 is an unparalleled adventure through an electropop world that is chock-full of finesse and rich texture. Joywave put so much attention into the finer details that everything on the mixtape has its dignified place and purpose. This leaves the listener with little room to question what is happening to them as their swept up in the invigorating experience. Track by track you will find yourself treated to prolific and intrepid sounds that highlight what I can’t help but to feel is progress made in music, namely electropop, this side of the 2010 decade. 

Dying Well is just one of the many entrancing tracks that caught my attention on 88888. What starts off as ethereal and almost weightless becomes solid and heavy as an upright bass line kicks in followed by the call of a solo brass. If film noir was ever condensed into song form, this just might be it. Dying Well does an amazing job of highlighting the depth and range Joywave can manage to put in just a single track.

Joywave – Dying Well:

Joywave’s Facebook Page is right on the other side of that link. I’m sure a Like on your behalf would be much appreciated by the gents!

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88888 (2013):

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Coasts – [Your Soul] + [Oceans]

Coasts - Wallow + Yours Soul + Oceans + Stones

Coasts bring us their nautically powered indie rock from Bristol, England

Coasts – Your Soul:

Bristol based Coasts make sincere music that immediately resonates and strikes a deeper chord within. Their music is best equivalated to a deep breath of fresh air after being submerged in salty waters for far too long. You get this exhilaration and sense of feeling that screams through every fiber of your every being to let you know that you are alive, and for good reason too.

Think of Your Soul as a lively escape for your inner being to an island safe-haven that the world, and all its inherent woes, have yet to discover. The pacing hits in wonderful waves crashing one after another onto the pleasant shore that is the metaphorical manifestation of Your Soul. As soon as the song subsides your left immediately wising you could return to that tranquil coastline, once again walking with your feet in the soothing waters of Coasts‘ alluring indie rock.

Luckily enough the band has released, in what I’d be quite bold enough to say is, a flawless EP. Each and every song off of their four track EP, Paradiseis engrossing and seemingly paints a different climate each and every time. If Your Soul is the bright sunny day with sparse clouds, then Oceans climate might best be described as a bit overcast with a chance of thunder and intensity.

What begins by playing off as almost a hushed anthemic love ballad immediately takes off into full flight with great magnitude that completely engulfs you on the way up. Oceans is a top notch tune that i’m sure will grow immensely popular soon.

Simply put Coasts are one of those bands with so much potential for greatness it is almost scary. With the right push and placement, I could see the band becoming as much of a household name in British indie rock on this side of the pond as Biffy Clyro, Foals, or even Two Door Cinema Club. The future looks goods for these talented gentlemen, and the prospective music they are sure to release for our enjoyment looks even better.

Coasts – Oceans:

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Paradise EP (2013):

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Saint Motel – [My Type]

Saint Motel - My Type

Saint Motel are just My Type from Los Angeles, California

Saint Motel – My Type:

Please put out your elongated cigarette, grab your darling, and take her to the ballroom dance floor for this one. Saint Motel have done it again, and with all the throwback swagger that we have come to know and love from the promising L.A based hard-pop/indie rock outfit. So with their latest tune My Type one could say these guys are “brass in action” and ready to show the world that with a kick in your step and smile on your face, anything is possible.

Saint Motel clearly showed everyone on their debut album Voyeur that, indeed, anything is quite possible. I mean every single damn track off their debut is a solid piece of serenity in and of itself. Voyeur has earned a permanent place in my heart for being both sincere and original through and through. I mean I could really listen to their first single Puzzle Pieces on repeat for hours, and I’m being serious. I’d probably be happy to do the same with a number of other songs off Voyeur. I can not recommend enough giving the time and day to this wonderful composition of music. Saint Motel’s newest song My Type shows that the band is headed in a similar and exciting direction leaving me absolutely eager for more. If anything the song is a heaping hunk of optimism for what is to come.

Voyeur (2012):

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