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Saint Motel – [My Type]

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Saint Motel - My Type

Saint Motel are just My Type from Los Angeles, California

Saint Motel – My Type:

Please put out your elongated cigarette, grab your darling, and take her to the ballroom dance floor for this one. Saint Motel have done it again, and with all the throwback swagger that we have come to know and love from the promising L.A based hard-pop/indie rock outfit. So with their latest tune My Type one could say these guys are “brass in action” and ready to show the world that with a kick in your step and smile on your face, anything is possible.

Saint Motel clearly showed everyone on their debut album Voyeur that, indeed, anything is quite possible. I mean every single damn track off their debut is a solid piece of serenity in and of itself. Voyeur has earned a permanent place in my heart for being both sincere and original through and through. I mean I could really listen to their first single Puzzle Pieces on repeat for hours, and I’m being serious. I’d probably be happy to do the same with a number of other songs off Voyeur. I can not recommend enough giving the time and day to this wonderful composition of music. Saint Motel’s newest song My Type shows that the band is headed in a similar and exciting direction leaving me absolutely eager for more. If anything the song is a heaping hunk of optimism for what is to come.

Voyeur (2012):

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