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Song of the Day! Lettercamp – Denial Twist (White Stripes Cover)

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Alright, so you find a pretty awesome cover of a song you really like by a band you love and your telling me it’s not getting posted to your music blog right away? Yeah right. Lettercamp bring us their electro pop take on The White Stripes 2005 single Denial Twist. I’d like to think that the results are pretty damn good and I have to give major props to Lettercamp for pulling off such a successful White Stripes cover. They succeed in turning a great alternative rock track into a pop music dance hit, which is no easy feat. Even if Lettercamp’s twist on Denial Twist isn’t your cup of tea you can at least respect the attempt put forward by this indie four-piece and recognize them for having the guts to take on such a monster track in the first place.

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