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Song of the Day! Florrie – Call of the Wild

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Florrie gives the call of the wild from Bristol, UK

Don’t just play off Florrie like she’s your average British pop singer. Florrie is a bona fide drummer, model, and is now going to pursue a solo singer/songwriter career. On top of it all this Florrie refuses to sign with a major label and distributes all her music free to her fans from her website. The best part about Florrie isn’t that she’s a gorgeous model or even a talented drummer, but that her music is so damn appealing! Have you not heard that sick surf-style guitar slide in Call of the Wild? She brilliantly mixes elements of pop with electro beats and adds some trendy guitar riffs to bring it all together. This is the kind of music I wish broke out into the mainstream, because pop music like this I can more then handle. Call of the Wild can be found on Florrie’s first EP Introduction, which was released last november. Luckily we do not have to wait much longer for another release because according to her website she’ll be releasing her second EP in the coming weeks and like always it will be offered for free via her website.

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