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Song of the Day! Jon Fratelli – Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer

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Jon Fratelli brings us his solo style from Glasgow

There is something really catchy about about the simple indie rock song Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer. That chorus line pierces right through me and hooks me back in every time with the statement- Put your money right where your mouth is, Don’t go deaf or blind just to find this. Jon Fratelli has plenty of experience in writing crowd pleasers as he was a main member of the popular alternative band The Fratellis (Best known for the song Flathead). Jon has also recently disbanded his mildly successful Fratellis side project Codine Velvet Club (Best known for the song Hollywood) in pursuit of a career as a solo artist. If Mr. Fratelli is capable of continuing to deliver little gems like this one then going solo is looking like it just might pay off. His debut album Psycho Jukebox is set to be released sometime this June.

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