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Valley Dweller – [Another Night] + [Those Girls]

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Valley Dweller - Another Night + Those Girls

Valley Dweller bring us infectious dark indie pop from the valley of Los Angeles

Valley Dweller – Another Night:

Who ever said all indie pop had to be vibrant and colorful was dead wrong. With a chilled vibe and dark atmospheric flow Valley Dweller helps to set a new standard in gloomy awesomeness with the song Another Night. Sweeping you up immediately as if in a desolate call for action, the track pushes on ever forward gaining momentum in the same fashion one might build up self confidence. By the end, the song is so self aware and confident in it’s ability to deliver that you’re left wanting more. Much, much, much more…

It’s a damn shame that Valley Dweller have only released two songs for our listening pleasure. It’s not a shame, however, that the only two songs that have seen a release are outstanding and set the level excitement for follow ups, as well as the proverbial bar for new material very high. I’m sure we’ll hear more from Valley Dweller soon, perhaps an indication of an album release or even just a simple EP. Either way i’m looking forward to what ever comes next.

Valley Dweller, is actually composed of a single man from Los Angeles, California named Dane Deaner. So mad props go out to Mr. Deaner and his pursuit of becoming an artist. I hope that one day you get all the recognition you deserve.

BONUS: Valley Dweller – Those Girls:

Valley Dweller could definitely use some well earned love. So you should head over to their Facebook Page and give them a Like!

Here is the music video for Another Night:

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