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Song of the Day! Urban Cone – Urban Photograph

Urban Cone - Urban Photograph

The Stockholm based Urban Cone doesn't mind if you take an Urban Photograph

The beauty of the track Urban Photograph lies in its simplicity and familiarity. A swift indie beat, a catchy keyboard melody and very complementing lyrics make up this head bopping tune. While the song is nothing too crazy or re-inventive for the genre, it is still for sure a worth while listen in today’s repetitive music market. If even just for that sweet sweet indie beat break down that makes up the last 40 seconds. Leave it to a Swedish band to make music that is perfectly marketable to the American indie music scene. It’s too bad Urban Cone has a very minimal amount of material released because I’d love to give an EP or full LP of theirs a listen. A little birdy told me that come October we should see some interesting tunes from these guys so I figure we’ll just check back in at that point. Until then go chill and read a book or something while bopping along to Urban Photograph.

Urban Cone may not have much to share but they at least have a nice music video for their wonderful track Urban Photograph. Check it.

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