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Song of the Day! The Drums – Money

The Drums - Money

The Drums have released their 2nd album Portamento from Brooklyn, New York

Can you say poor man’s anthem? Well, I am broke and in a need of a good anthem so I’m pretty sure The Drums latest single Money fits the bill perfectly. The band’s signature beach fizzle is clearly evident on the new track, along with those catchy falsetto chorus lines. This track is having the same positive mood elevauting effect their single Let’s Go Surfing had on me last year. A song as catchy as Money does not like to leave the safe confines of your brain without a fight, but then again why fight it? I’ve just come to accept the track playing on an endless loop in my head. “I want to buy you something, but I don’t have any money- No I don’t have any money.” Never thought I’d enjoy a song that makes me feel like a broke schmuck who can’t take a girl out to a simple dinner. Other then Money I haven’t really checked into the band’s recently released album Portamento. Maybe when I get some money I could buy the album and give it a thorough review.

Here’s the music video for The Drums song Money. Look at them being so god damn indie.

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