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Song of the Day! Metronomy – The Look


Metronomy bring us laid back electronic music from Devon, England

I’m going to slow things down a bit today and show off one of my favorite discoveries of recent times. Just the other month I came across the not so little band of Metronomy and their latest single The Look. The song just has that ambient chill pacing and a nice shuffle beat that keeps me in a relaxed state of mind. From what i’ve read into, this soft and casual electronic music style is only the norm for Metronomy and I’m perfectly down for some tranquil electro pop. I just so happens that today is the day Metronomy releases their new album The English Riviera in the United States, the UK saw a release last Tuesday. So if this song is closer to your musical taste and style then I’d highly recommend looking further into The English Riviera, I sure as hell know I’m going to.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day! Metronomy – The Look

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