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Song of the Day! Company of Thieves – Queen of Hearts

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Company of Thieves pull out a queen of hearts from Chicago

You better believe the high level of excitement I felt when I discovered that Company of Thieves released a new album last month. I really did love their 2009 release of Ordinary Riches, but primarily for the tunes Oscar Wilde, Pressure, and my personal favorite The Tornado Song. Well, here we are two years after the band’s initial success and they release their sophomore LP Running from a Gamble to world that one can only hope is ready for band with this much passion. Yes, passion. The stuff that is oozing out of Company of Thieves and their lead singer Genevieve Schatz’s mouth. She can command a room so easily with the wide and powerful range of her voice. It layers so damn well on the band’s steady stream of true rock influenced guitars, as is evident by one of their newest songs Queen of Hearts. You can also hear the constant piano on track that is present very much throughout their debut and also latest album. Occasionally the band ditches the guitars completely for the piano, but only for their most somber of tracks. Guitar, piano, and all passion aside- Company of Thieves have a lot more going for them then most alternative rock bands in todays over saturated music market and they deserve some major support for a sound as big as they possess.

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