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Song of the Day! Portugal. The Man – Got It All (This Can’t Be Living)

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Portugal. The Man have really Got It All in Portland, Oregon

Portugal. The Man are one of the most creative and talented indie rock bands in the western hemisphere. Their experimental art rock is only seconded by the band’s elaborate and mind-bending album artwork that would be impossible to describe in words. Having put out five albums since 2006, that’s at least one a year, and countless EPs these guys are one of the hardest working bands you’ll come across in the indie music scene. Portugal. The Man never cease to deliver and with 2011 we find ourselves on the brink of their sixth album In the Mountain, In the Cloud which is slated for a July 19th release. The first single from the sixth LP Got It All (This Can’t Be Living) captures Portugal. The Man’s sound brilliantly and really helps to build excitement for the new album. I have no doubt in my mind that In the Mountain, In the Cloud will live up to its high expectations because the past has always shown that Portugal. The Moon can pull it off. Take for example the band’s release of their fifth album The American Ghetto last year. The album was hyped to no end and when it finally went public the band pulled off one the best albums of 2010.

Oh, and their was absolutely no way I could do blog posting on Portugal. The Man without including one of my favorite tracks of 2010, the groovy as hell and laid back track The Dead Dog.

Portugal. The Man – The Dead Dog

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