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Song of the Day! Joywave – Golden State

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Joywave discuss the Golden State from Rochester, New York, odd…

Vibrant indie rock that is right in sync with today’s progressive alternative music scene. Golden State is a like a nice sweet piece of indie music pie with just the right amount of everything inside. This crusty and delicious single has managed to earned a spot on my most played list of recent times. All baked good similes aside, Joywave’s music seems rather similar to music you might find the indie music market today, but still somehow maintains a unique sound of its own. I wish I knew more about Joywave but it seems that the band did not form until the very end of 2010 and can still be considered very new. One nice thing I found out it is that Joywave released an 11 track mixtape for free in March. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the mixtape titled 77777 then you can head over to Joywave’s website.

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