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Song of the Day! Maritime – Paraphernalia

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Maritime are based in Milwaukee

How about some nice casual indie rock to make your Sunday afternoon just that much better. Look no further then the upbeat indie pop/rock band Maritime. Maritime’s swift alternative sound mixed with a laid back attitude make for a great combination of fun and easy listening. Paraphernalia is a great track to highlight from Maritime’s fourth and latest album Human Heart and is one of the more solid tracks i’ve heard so far. Released very early last month, Human Heart exemplifies the band’s signature sound and shows that these guys still mean business even after four studio albums. I haven’t been following Maritime for long, but the band first caught my interest with what I might consider one of my favorite songs of all time- Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts. It’s a shame I waited so long to actually get into Maritime because they’ve apparently been putting out amazing music for years. It’s never too late to play catch up though.

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